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Make Logo Intro Video for YouTube with After Effects template

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Learn how to use your YouTube logo intro to get more business!


Want to trend on YouTube and go viral on social media? One of the effective ways to do this is through your intros. Did you know the platform now promotes shorts? Yes, it’s TikTok go live’s biggest competition.


Anyways, let’s get back to making a stellar logo intro for YouTube. Let’s face it; it takes tremendous effort to get noticed these days, whether you’re a business, vlogger, marketer, or brand. Ever imagine what it would be like to have your videos on the top trending list?


You’re not alone; this ambition drives every creator to put their best foot forward. Are you? It’s crucial to market your brand well on this medium - authentically, creatively, and intentionally (it’s the only way to keep up and be relevant). Want to learn how to make a logo intro for YouTube that commands attention? Try our smoke explosion AE template and watch your views skyrocket!


Customizing this flip impact explosion AE template only takes minutes


Nowadays, automation rules. Getting things done this way is incredibly easier on so many different levels. For instance, video edits that took weeks are now instant. How is this possible? It starts with an After Effects template.


Just insert your files into the template: logo image (1), videos or photos, music, and slogan to make this 10 seconds intro opener. The built-in digital video animator renders footage with unparalleled speed and surgical precision.


As someone who creates content, or even if you enlist a specialist to do it, you know video editing and animating can be tedious. Moreover, this kind of work sometimes requires a high degree of proficiency, depending on what you want to achieve. There’s an alternative to make the process less stressful and more economical - try an AE template.


Should I make a logo intro for YouTube?


The fundamental role of YouTube introductions is to explain the context of your content and the purpose of your channel. It helps your audience understand what your brand offers and form expectations based on your delivery. Additionally, viewers will learn about you, your channel theme and get familiar with how your brand looks and feels.


After hearing all this, I’m sure you know having an intro for your channel is a big deal. But you need more than just an ordinary logo intro. It might be quite a challenge to design and edit your assets for the platform.

However, you have options to help you create a professional intro video for YouTube in a flash. All you need is a designer-made After Effects composition file.


Unique customization for YouTube Logo Intro


You’ll never run out of ideas to rebrand your logo because our library offers a vast selection of media. Whether you’re a hobbyist, business, or professional, you’ll experience flexibility you’ve never known in your whole career. Put your days of missing deadlines and being an underachiever behind you.


Add all the stylish details you’ve wanted to incorporate for the longest time: animation, stylized text fonts, motion graphics, and 3D illustrations. Express your creative side with sophisticated built-in tools right on the deck of our AE project file. Plus, browse hundreds of ready-made templates, stock illustrations, images, still scene footage, and more.


Use our intelligent intro maker app to personalize your promo video and give it a refined style. If you start editing this smoke explosion AE template now, you’ll have a high-quality final cut ready for YouTube. Guess how long this will take you? A project like this can take half an hour or less.


Still not convinced? You could be winning!

The perfect YouTube intro runs between 6 to 10 seconds - the same length as our sampler above. You must publish quality content to hook viewers and make your brand a household name on this portal. Share a few facts about you, your brand, or your business and develop a story around your journey.


Talk about your specialty and mention the number of months or years you’ve been serving your specific industry with engaging visuals. If you pull off an impressive intro video, you can set your business on a path to commercial success. Intros help brands:


  • Build consumer loyalty and trust
  • Improve brand recall
  • Enhance audience retention
  • Persuade viewers’ purchase decisions with CTAs
  • Increase social media visibility


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