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Create Vertical Beauty and Skin Care Instagram Video with Music

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Stand out with a vertical video for your Instagram story

If you're a social media enthusiast following the latest trends, you probably have noticed an increase in using vertical videos on Instagram stories. Why do you think the movement is on the go? Yes! You got it right. It contains marketing content that is easy to understand and digest. Even more revealing is that the number of smartphones with portrait orientation is also rising. Many users consume visual contents that match their screen dynamics. That's why you need to leverage this emerging trend.

So, if you're looking for a way to engage your audience via Instagram stories, here is one thing you should notice; knowing how to create rocking stories that should command attention. However, before that, you need to ask yourself one question, does the video you're making fit perfectly on the user's screen? Thus, before digging a little deeper to teach you how to make Insta stories for your business. Know that your followers view the content in a vertical position.

Ready to learn how to create vertical Insta stories for your skincare brand? The top pro tip to get started is our state-of-the-art template you see above. It comprises a rich sneak peek around fantastic designs to keep your business on the go. Start by clicking on the "Press Here to Add a Video" button. Now all you've to do is replace the existing content with your own. Start by inserting up to three videos, nine text lines, and a logo image. Also, ensure that the total video duration does not exceed fifteen seconds. That's it!

Why you should focus on vertical videos for your Instagram stories

Technologies keep changing. As a tech-savvy or marketing devotee, you should note that there's a dramatic increase in smartphone content consumption. For that reason, vertical videos are becoming a new norm for your marketing campaigns. Think about it for a minute, and it makes more sense. With this unique insight, you have a further obligation to start focusing on vertical visual content that can command attention. Are you wondering how to do that? The template you see above answers that.

If you're keen enough, you'll realize that smartphones have a vertical orientation that enables users to hold the gadget upright. They can also shoot videos vertically. Our online video maker you see above is handy with fullscreen playback video designs. Still not convinced; hopefully, you will after hearing this critical revelation. The template comprises animated transitions, graphic packages, stylish fonts, and motion effects to make your visual contents catchy. There is no other way to command attention.

Your audience loves something that captivates their experiences. If that is the case, then the cutting-edge template is a perfect tool to increase your skincare business conversion rates. The best part is that since we all love music to soothe our emotions, we're delighted to inform you that the template comes with copyright-free music. If you're someone that royalty strikes have been bothersome in the past, consider that as a mere illusion. You can supercharge your brand and make it trendy now. It's fun and exciting!

The Takeaway 

In a nutshell, let's recap to drive the point home. Your visual content deserves a tease to command the attention of your audience. With our template, you can whip up striking videos in a vertical orientation to wow your darling audience.

Start by customizing the style elements in the template to create impressive clips. The clips should have text elements with exciting motions. Get started with us today to set your brand on the right path. We provide flexible offers that match your budget.

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