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Create Instagram Story Video in Minutes

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Learn how to create an awesome Instagram story video

In this digital world, everyone is vying for attention. And with Instagram being the primary photo and video-sharing platform among customers, most businesses are looking to stand out. An effective way to weave your brand message into users’ feeds is via short videos.

Let’s dig deeper: while most brands use images and text for marketing their products, one particularly engaging medium has emerged as a popular method of connecting with followers: Instagram story videos. With these short clips gaining popularity daily, marketers must take advantage of this opportunity to promote their brand and drive sales.

As a video production company, we give you this template to help you create a unique fitness video in minutes. Let me show you how: begin by selecting the above template, then insert one video and nine text lines. Kindly ensure that your video duration doesn’t exceed fifteen seconds.

Have you ever come across a fantastic video while browsing through Instagram? How was your reaction? I bet you wished to watch more videos. You can leave a more significant impact on your followers by posting an appealing fitness video on your Instagram stories. And in return, you’ll increase your brand visibility and show off your style by creating your story. Creating your video with this template is flawless, so long as you follow the simple steps.

Tips and tricks for great Insta stories

Instagram’s new stories feature a game-changing moment for the platform and its users. Since its launch in September 2016, Insta stories have grown from a hidden beta feature to a critical app element, with over 800 million active users posting stories daily. Whether as an informal photo diary or a behind-the-scenes look at your fitness life, the new Instagram stories feature has opened up new creative possibilities for brands and followers.

If you’re thinking about using this update to share even more glimpses about your workout, we can help you get started with our tips and tricks using the above template. Do you know what makes an Insta story so special? It’s the video section. It is the only social media platform where followers can watch your videos in real-time. People are getting hooked on these stories, and the numbers are increasing daily. If you want to stand out, creating Instagram stories and videos is a great way to do it.

Let’s dig a little deeper: Instagram continues to grow in popularity; statistically, at least one in every five global users is on Instagram. With over 800 million active consumers, it’s no surprise that businesses are finding new ways to target their audience. Users check their Instagram app more than any other social network; it’s no secret that photo-centric platforms have become the best place to market your business. Therefore, this template will be handy if you’re ready to take your Instagram strategy from good to great.


Instagram is not just for the beauty and fashion blogger anymore. With the new Instagram update making it easier for everyone to post on Instagram, you can upload your workout content. So, to take your business and brand personality to the next level, think about using Instagram stories to communicate your unique, creative and engaging content to your followers.

Kicking off with a bright and fun introduction, this is a perfect way to engage with your followers. With this template, you can access all the exceptional features that will help your video stand out. And the best thing about it is that you only need to pay a small fee.

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