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Create Amazing Stories Video Online For Instagram with Music

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Use this template to make video stories for Instagram

Did you know that Instagram stories are an excellent way to connect with your followers and keep them updated on your business? Since they disappear after twenty-four hours, you can share a sneak peek of your business captivatingly.

Let’s dig a little deeper: whether you’re building your brand or just looking for another strategy to reach your target audience, Insta stories can be a great tool.

But the big question is, how can you make an exciting and appealing video for your Instagram story? The answer is this video maker! It is a complete package to help you design a video of a lifetime in just thirty minutes. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner in video editing, this template can help you produce a professional video for your Insta stories in just a few clicks.

Let me show you how: the process is straightforward; you only need to click on the above video template, insert at least three video clips, and add three text lines plus a logo image.

While many people assume that Instagram is all about posting photos, on the contrary, people also like to watch short, captivating videos that are appealing to the eye. For that reason, when making your video, ensure it doesn’t exceed fifteen seconds.

You can also try the Instagram story maker from Adobe and others and decide which ones provide the best videos.

Why is an adorable video essential for your Instagram stories?

If there’s one social media platform you need to be on right now, it must be Instagram. This photo-sharing app is home to more than a billion users who spend an average of twenty-one minutes on the app every day. It’s no wonder why so many startup businesses are capitalizing on this opportunity to expand their audience reach.

As we all know, visual content is far more engaging than a lengthy blog post or article. So what better way to promote your products and services than an adorable video on your Instagram story? It has become a standard practice for brands in almost every industry to create videos for Instagram stories as part of their marketing strategy.

Truthfully, videos posted on Instagram have a 10x greater engagement rate than photo posts. Therefore, you must make visually appealing content to reach a broader audience. Please note that your videos don’t have to be long; brevity is an excellent strategy for keeping viewers interested and coming back for more. You must create content that keeps your viewers intrigued from beginning to end.

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ll know that stories are the new trend. It’s no wonder why many people are jumping onto this new feature and creating their own stories. With this template, you can impress your followers with an engaging video with background music. Don’t worry about copy strikes; we provide royalty-free music to make your video exciting to watch.


As a brand looking to increase its visibility on social media, it’s essential to note that Instagram is an excellent outlet for businesses to market and promote their products or services. And the stories feature allows you to interact with potential followers and build trust. So, if you want to tell your brand’s story and build lasting relationships with your customers, this video maker will come in handy to ensure you achieve your objective.

It has incredible inbuilt editing tools to help you generate a high-quality video that commands attention. And the most exciting part is that you only need to pay a small fee.

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