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Create Vertical Video Using Our Online Instagram Story Maker

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Instagram story template: a fast and efficient way to create vertical video online


How do you get more attention on Instagram? Try this super fast vertical slideshow maker to create eye-catching and exciting visual stories for your business page. Make professional-looking content with stunning visuals, animations, texts, transitions, effects, and music.


This ready-made template is perfect for advertising and promoting your brand on the platform. You'll have your vertical slide ready to post in minutes. Have you ever found yourself struggling to overcome your creative block lately? Or perhaps you cannot find the time to make videos yourself. Having a customized video project like the slideshow above makes it all easier.


It is the fastest and most cost-effective way to create professional, trendy marketing videos for your campaign. We've done the groundwork for you. All templates are readily customizable, so you can easily edit with multimedia content. For example, this layout features ten (10) text layers, video clips, and one logo placeholder.


How to edit this vertical slideshow video for Instagram?


Practical and versatile drag-and-drop video editing that any novice can do. Learn how to create vertical videos online with this ready-built template for Instagram stories. Once you buy a template, you own it forever and can reproduce as many versions as you like.


Find the video project that fits your budget and branding needs from hundreds of templates on our website. Click the parts you want to edit and customize the elements accordingly. With our easy-to-use online slideshow maker, you get pre-rendered graphics footage you can tweak to suit your project needs.


This all-in-one video editor automatically fits all the parts together so you can get everything done in a jiffy. Virtually accessible anywhere you go, this online video maker launches on your web browser and requires no installation. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer looking to level up your Instagram stories, this tool can help you give your content the pro touch it needs.


Pre-sized format to create vertical video online


Already configured to be mobile-friendly, your video will look sleek and professional in pre-sized vertical resolution. Our browser-based editor features a powerful video rendering engine, customization options, and functional features to manage your media assets. Let me show you how taking this modern approach to video editing can streamline your post-production workflow.


Convert your footage to high-quality vertical resolution clips in a snap. Videos in this format tend to perform far better than traditional landscape orientation on social media channels like Instagram. After all, we spend more hours viewing content on our smartphones in portrait (vertically) mode, so we might as well consider this trend when making videos.


Switch from horizontal to portrait format without shooting new footage. Get all your images and clips reconfigured automatically. The video is 30 minutes long, but you can adjust the clip speed to create slow or fast-motion effects. It has built-in adjustment controllers to make these changes effortlessly.


Wrapping up


So you're probably wondering if using this vertical slideshow for your Instagram story is the way to go. Brands, marketers, and businesses are embracing this trend; it's become the norm when advertising on social networks. The audience now expects nothing less than vertical ads to stop scrolling and watch your videos.


Now you can improve the user experience when viewing social media content. So, in a nutshell, viewers can watch videos right away instead of flipping the screen for the best aspect ratio. Do you want to make storytelling fun and exciting? Fantastic!


Try this vertical video design to boost audience engagement, improve recognition, and get more followers. Drive results with tantalizing transitions, text animations, and stunning graphics. Superfast integration to merge your clips quickly with surgical precision and create a high-resolution downloadable MP4 video. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription so you can freely work on your projects without restrictions.

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