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Create One Instagram Story Video Online with Multiple Photos

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Learn how to turn your multiple photos into a captivating video for your Instagram stories

Did you know that Instagram stories are a playful and attention-grabbing way for people to learn about your business? One-third of the most watched stories come from businesses. You can use Instagram to show your followers some of the unfiltered moments of your day and give them an insider's view of your business with unpolished, behind-the-scenes photos and videos as it happens in real-time.

Let's dig a little deeper: with Insta stories, you can share your brand's story with your clients, show people how to use your products, and educate those considering purchasing. Instagram stories make it easy to display your products or services through a captivating video. If you have a service-based business, you can give people a glimpse of your services. A recent study confirmed that people bought a product or service after seeing it on Insta stories.

So, what does that mean for a startup business owner? You can also share information about your company through captivating videos. So, if you have never shared photos or videos of your story, you can learn how to do it with this template. Let me show you how to turn your multiple images into an adorable video to share on your Insta stories.

Let's get started: select the above template, then replace the existing content with your own by adding three video clips, four text lines, and your brand's logo. You can add your company's website, contact information, social media handles, and other relevant info in the text line section. One unique thing about Insta stories is that it accommodates short videos to increase audience retention. For that reason, when creating your video, ensure it doesn't exceed fifteen seconds.

Increase your sales with an attractive Instagram story video

Instagram is home to over a million active users, and with the recent stories feature, this social media app is becoming a new method of promoting brands online. Most users know that Instagram offers various elements to create a beautiful story.

However, sometimes if you want to stand out and create exclusive stories, you need to take the help of a video maker online, especially for businesses and individuals looking to promote their brand. So if you want to make a professional video for your Insta stories, our user-friendly template can help you generate a high-quality video from your multiple photos in minutes. And the best thing about this template is that you can easily customize your video.

Okay, I know what you're thinking: there are so many online video templates, so why invest in ours? We are affordable, and you don't need to break a bank to invest in this template. We also give you access to the inbuilt editing tools such as the font and color feature and beautiful transitions and effects to help you generate a masterpiece. Not to mention, our music library of copyright-free songs will come in handy to help you create a fun video that's irresistible to watch.


With the rise of digital migration, things are now more manageable. Imagine back in the day when companies would hire expensive video editors who would take days or even weeks to complete a simple project. Nowadays, with the help of online video makers such as this, anyone can produce a high-quality video in just a few clicks. So, now is the best time to get started!

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