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Make Best Animated Corporate Video in Minutes with After Effects template

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Here’s how you can use animated corporate ads to get more business


Videos can help your company or corporation hit various business and marketing goals. Whether your objectives include consumer education, retention, improving experiential value, or driving sales, you need a sound video marketing strategy. Nowadays, advertisers must keep commercials brief, to-the-point, yet organically entertaining and engaging enough to delight the audience.


How do you make this happen? Consider light-hearted storytelling with animation to make a lasting first impression and hold their attention. Here is the best animated corporate template to formulate a thoughtful slideshow ad or commercial for your company.


This post-production template is a complete toolkit. It includes a built-in video maker, easy-to-use tools, transitions, special effects, and more. Now you can do more than imagine what it would be like to create animated commercials by yourself.


How to make video animation for free using this corporate video maker?


Sign up to start making your professional corporate animation immediately. Once you create your account, find the pre-animated template you like, or click edit to customize the video above. You can start uploading your media assets the moment the editor launches.


You never imagined making animated corporate commercials would be this easy. Follow the on-screen directions displayed on the dashboard to edit the drop zones. Insert seven (7) images or video clips, catchy taglines (13), and one (1) high-resolution brand logo for 46 seconds playback.


Pair your video with tasteful music to enhance the audiovisual experience. Don’t have an appropriate audio track? Check out our custom musical numbers from our online media gallery. Our website provides an array, plus unique illustrations, icons, animation, and more, all royalty-free.


Key benefits of using 3D animated corporate ads


You’ll be able to simplify complex concepts so that your audience can quickly grasp your ideas. Plus, animation minimizes the amount of text on the screen, which can overwhelm viewers. Another thing worth mentioning is that it allows you to emphasize your points using real-world scenarios.


Want to learn how to make short animated videos that are fun, educational, and engaging? With this cube slideshow template as your base, it’s easier to organize your assets and improve the timing of individual scenes. The grid-style layout will give your video a clean, professional, well-structured theme to highlight and summarize your main points.


Let me show you how simple making animated marketing videos can be. You won’t pay anything to use our simple online editor; it’s free, nor do you need lessons to make a video. With it, you can say goodbye to time-consuming, repetitive tasks like rendering footage because our video-making app performs these functions automatically. The most you’ll do is insert media files and tweak the design.


Cube slideshow template for business advertising


According to recent marketing survey findings, videos can boost web page conversions up to 80 percent. Of course, you can only capitalize on this strategy if you publish high-quality video content. It can take an incredible amount of time, effort, and money to produce a quality business ad.


With our customizable animated video template, you can accomplish this in less time. Ideally, each project takes 30 minutes or less to complete. We have a massive library of media assets, scenes, templates, transitions, and more to explain your concepts. Get more shares and views with well-crafted animations.


These are brilliant storytelling elements that can evoke emotions and get the audience to react. In short, using animation in your corporate commercials will enable your company to highlight its differential value. After you finish making your ad, you can download an Mp4 video (high-definition without watermark) for a one-time payment. However, you save more money when you purchase our unlimited monthly subscription.

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