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Create a Promotional Corporate Video with unravelling 3D Cubes

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Promote your business with this modern and clean promotional corporate video template with unfolding cubes 3d graphics. The video duration is 100 seconds. You can insert 17 video clips or pictures, one logo image, and 18 text lines.


How to create a promo business video?

Suppose you need a video introduction or a promo for your company to present at events or to serve as an introduction for your videos. You can easily do this with our online video editor if this is your case.

To start, press the button above to edit this template with our online business video creator. Then go through the different parts of the template and replace the existing graphics with your content. Replace the placeholder text with your copy and add the finishing touches with your logo.

This template has a fixed design, so you only have to follow the predefined template structure; no need to reinvent the wheel here; get the results you want fast and easily.


Why use our online video editor?


Our online video editor can help you create amazing promotional videos or your trailer at just a tiny fraction of what you think it would cost you. The best part is that you can try it out for free to create a preview of your creation.

You can produce a Full HD version if you like what you see. Our online video editor is easy to use, and you can create professional-looking videos without having video editing or animation skills.

We have the most beautiful and sophisticated templates created by top animators. While you might not modify the model at a deep level, you can produce a video fast, quickly, and, best of all, CHEAP! So it´s the best package if you want the perfect solution to start creating videos for your company or product.

Using our online video editor, you can have a Full HD video in just minutes. The quality and pro-looking of the results are so high that you will need to see them to believe them. So, go ahead, edit the template, and create your very own masterpiece.

Our online video maker lets you create high-quality marketing videos. Using our online animation creator gives you access to a stock footage library with lots of professional corporate footage. Try our video production service now and create a free preview video; you won´t regret it.
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