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Make Futuristic Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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How to build the tech company intro you've always wanted?


Every business needs quality branding to be memorable, outdo competitors, and entice the ideal prospects. How to build a tech company logo for your brand intro unveiling? The answer is simple: start with an After Effects video project.


Our futuristic intro template above is all you need. This premium mockup contains high-resolution graphics, an easy-to-use built-in logo generator, editing tools, animation, and preloaded special effects.


Do you want to learn how to make creative branding videos for your IT business? Use our logo intro maker to come up with impressive designs. Follow the steps below to customize this featured template.


Futuristic hi-tech logo reveal - easy to customize


Watched the preview? Like it? Get it! Scroll down and look right below this featured video: do you see the Edit button? Click it to access the project files and editor dashboard.


Easy media upload. Add your company logo image and text (2 lines) for 16 seconds playback. Include personal photos, footage, and music to increase your brand's value proposition. Change the layout, colors, and fonts to reflect your styling preferences.


The best IT logo designs give off an innovative, futuristic impression just like ours. If you prefer abstract logo art, try some of our cleverly crafted icons. These are perfect for meaningful brand expression and storytelling. Whether you prefer playful fonts or want to emphasize your technical prowess with classic typefaces, our built-in typography offers a range of options.


Hi-tech opener intro template - creative personalized branding


An introductory video tells the audience everything about your brand and business. This short clip encourages your intended audience to check out your body of work and products. Adding a logo sting to your segment will make your content more enticing to viewers.


It also helps in reinforcing your brand identity to increase recall. With this customizable tech intro layout, you can easily mark your videos with a logo design and professional branding. Let me show you how versatile this template is.


Do you want to declare ownership of all the visual content you put out there and generate leads that convert? Our template lets you present your brand logo to the world uniquely and confidently. Mix and match colors to recreate your brand palette just the way you imagined it.


Give your brand a fresh face with a futuristic intro template!


Are you seriously considering a logo rebranding? Get a clean, polished logo design to reinforce your brand message, build trust, improve your reputation, and grow your audience. Choose appropriate fonts, colors, and design elements to show professionalism. Adopt a consistent theme for all the videos you create.


Find hundreds of unique logo designs to reimagine your brand image and create stunning promotional videos. Easy point-and-click steps to remix the copy the way you like it. Come up with color variations to style your logo animation.


Piece together your favorite graphic assets, add transitions, special effects, animation, and text with ease. Speed up workflow with our sophisticated auto-render engine. It's precise, time-efficient, and sustainable.




Pay nothing upfront to design your business promotion videos. Let's recap some of the benefits of using pre-designed video templates for your marketing and branding campaign. Get the latest video templates to create logo openers, intros, and all types of marketing ads.


Intuitive intro maker that runs on any compatible web browser; no installation or setup required. Your full-HD intro will be available for download in less than 30 minutes. Choose a plan that suits your business needs. Premium designs for low prices; only pay if you love the result.


Preview your edited video project before you download it. Are you interested in custom video reseller opportunities? Our premium plan is perfect for startups that want to scale profits quickly.

Manage your high-volume video production easily. Zero restrictions, create and download as many videos for resale as possible. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription.

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