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Make 3D Animated Logo Video Online with After Effects template

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Make a 3D logo animation in minutes

Statistically, the popularity of animated logos in videos is growing immensely. It looks like everyone is now using logo animations in websites, videos, and even corporate videos to promote their business in a visually vibrant way. It’s not a secret that the human eye is trained to focus on motion rather than static visuals.

But how can I animate my logo without going bankrupt, many people ask. With this video template, you can easily create an affordable 3D logo intro video by inserting one text line and a logo image. The total video duration is 16 seconds.

Our online 3D logo intro maker is easy to use for everyone. It automatically creates a professional and high-quality video that will make your startup business, institution, or company look elegant, professional, and modern in just a few clicks.

Here’s what your 3D logo animation video can do for your business

Increase brand awareness

With a professional logo intro video, you can create a solid and memorable image for your brand. An animation video will bring your logo to life and build a strong connection with your audience and prospective customers in minutes.

It’s an investment worth every penny

Creating a video using our logo intro maker is a one-time investment that pays off. Consider investing in a professional video that will serve you for a long time.

A professional look

Having a 3D animated logo for your business or even social media videos will add a sense of professionalism and consistency to your online presence. Our logo intro maker will add flavor to your video and make it look professional.

Supports your brand story

Through a powerful combination of image, motion, and sound, viewers can easily and passionately connect with your logo animation video since it effectively communicates the nature of your business more than a static image.

How and where to use your 3D logo intro video


Do you have a YouTube channel? Do you upload videos consistently? If the answer is yes, then a logo introduction video will make your channel and videos stand out from your competitors. An intro video will identify your brand and leave viewers with a memorable impression.

Intro and outro for videos

You can use your logo introduction video either at the beginning or end of your videos. The video will help market and promote your brand since it will leave a remarkable impression on viewers’ minds.

Video ads

Have you ever noticed a YouTube animation logo popping up on different YouTube videos? That’s YouTube’s self-promotion. You can also create a video ad with your animated logo and set it to pop up after every few seconds.

The ad is effective, and since it’s short and precise, it’s a great way of marketing and advertising your business.

Social media

Nowadays, almost all social media networks are promoting video content, and the prices are incredibly affordable. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or even Instagram, posting a quick logo introduction in the newsfeed will display your brand to millions of social media enthusiasts.

Products or services

Have you recently launched a product or service? Maybe you’re planning to film and edit a video about your product. Consider incorporating your animated logo at the beginning and the end. The video will not only look professional but also appealing to the eye.


Our online 3D intro maker is easy to use. Just select the template, insert your logo and follow the customization steps. You can use the font feature to adjust colors and add a music track from the music library provided in the template.

Lastly, you can play a free preview, and if you’re happy with the result, you can purchase the video at a small fee before downloading and saving.

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