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Make AMAZING YouTube Intro Video with After Effects template

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Here’s a golden chance to make a first impression using our YouTube intro maker

It’s your time to make it count with an excellent intro video on your YouTube channel. Get started with an attention-grabbing video that makes you easily recognizable. Our user-friendly YouTube intro creator allows you to customize designs and create an intro video in minutes.

The first five seconds of a video can determine whether viewers will watch your content or not. As a content creator, it’s crucial to keep that in mind when creating your video. The best thing is that you can create a compelling and engaging introduction video with our readymade video template.

Do you want to learn how to grow your YouTube channel, build your brand image like a professional and turn viewers’ into long-term subscribers? Then this template will do the magic for you, create a stunning video by inserting one text line and a logo image; the total video duration shouldn’t exceed 15 seconds.

Where can you use your youtube intro video?

Social media platforms

Nowadays, video ads are considered one of the best marketing strategies for both startups and established businesses. As an entrepreneur, you can’t miss promoting your brand on one of the biggest video-sharing platforms like YouTube. However, with millions of videos uploaded on the platform, you need to make sure yours stands out.

You have to create an attractive introduction video that will grab viewers’ attention, trigger conversations and outshine your competitors.


Are you planning to start vlogging? That’s awesome because you’ll keep your viewers hooked with an excellent intro. If you have an intro in mind, that’s great; if not, consider getting creative with our online intro maker. Having a good introduction video will help you build a solid following and increase your brand visibility.

Marketing and advertising

Are you planning to market or advertise your brand? An intro video can create a significant impact on your brand. You can create a powerful intro video with this template and captivate your viewers with your brand story.

How to use our online intro maker?

1. Select the template

Consider selecting the template once you log into your account. Don’t have an account with us? Please sign up first, then proceed. Once you select the template, you can incorporate your logo and message. Additionally, if you want to customize your video, you can use some of the available features such as color and font and even the editing tools.

2. Customize and add background music

A good introduction video needs to be short and precise since viewers will watch it many times. Generally, people switch off when they watch long videos, but short videos keep viewers engaged. The above template comes with various music tracks that you can add to your video to make it lively.

It’s essential to note that the type of music you choose for your video plays a huge role. Would you please make sure to select a lovely soundtrack that will make your video stand out?

3. Play a preview, then download

Once you’ve completed your video, you can play a free preview to see the final look of the product. If you like it, then you can download and save it once you pay a small fee. With this template, we give you the option of downloading your video in different formats and sizes.


As a video production company, we want to ensure that your brand gets the visibility it deserves by designing a professional video product's final look to tell your brand story in the shortest way possible.

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