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Create a YouTube channel Intro Video with Music

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YouTube channel Intro Video

If you have a YouTube channel, chances are good that it’s getting some attention these days. Whether you’re just getting started or want to give your videos more energy, you must try making a YouTube channel intro video, as it is a great way to attract new viewers and drive continuous awareness for your brand.

In this article, we’ll explore how to create an intro video for your YouTube channel with music. Using our ONLINE INTRO MAKER is the easiest way to get started. It also means that you won’t need any special software or skills to start creating engaging and successful videos for your audience. Check out our top-notch guide below for everything you need to know!

How to make an intro for your YouTube channel?

An intro video is a short video that starts your YouTube channel off right from the get-go. It gives your channel a warm-up. It gives your fans an introduction of who you are and what your channel is all about. But how to create one?

To create an intro video with music, use our intro maker online for your YouTube channel; select the template like the one above and insert up to 1 text line and two logo images. The total video duration is 11 seconds. You can download your video in any format and share it online anywhere on social platforms to gain followers for your channel.

The advantages of creating an intro video

Now that we’ve gotten all that out, it’s time to examine the advantages of creating an intro video with music. Here are the most notable benefits of an intro video:

• It’s a great way to build anticipation for your videos since your followers are likelier to watch if they think you will post a new video soon.

• It also gives your followers a quick introduction to what you do, what you make, and why they should watch you. A logo intro video aims to get your audience’s attention and get them to watch your videos without being distracted by other things first. 

• Boosting your followers’ morale: when someone watches your video with excitement and anticipation, it increases your followers’ confidence and makes them more likely to stick around on your channel. Your followers are likelier to watch if they feel positive and enthusiastic, right?

• Get more views: as mentioned above, people are likelier to watch if they’re not distracted by other things first. So, by including an intro, you’ll make it much easier for your followers to stay interested in your channel.


In short, a logo intro video is a great way to kick off your YouTube channel. It gives your audience a warm-up by warming up their expectations before you start a video.
With the rise of social media and websites such as YouTube, it is easy to create an online presence.

With so many content production options, deciding which route to take can be challenging. Creating an online video has never been more accessible or affordable. But not now; our online creator made this super easy for you. You can access our templates by purchasing our cost-effective monthly subscription plan. So let’s start!
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