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Create Animated YouTube Intro Video With After Effects template

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Surefire ways this YouTube intro creator will make your brand famous


Are you just starting a YouTube channel for your business or doing a branding campaign? Or perhaps you want to attract new subscribers, announce events, build your identity, or boost engagement. How do you get visitors interested in viewing your content?


Foremost, focus on making the best first impression. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make it happen. So gather the best materials you have, and let’s formulate a stunning animated intro video for YouTube.


It won’t take long, just 30 minutes. Do you want to learn how to captivate potential consumers without saying too much? Designing, editing, and animating compositions for your YouTube intro with a well-made AE template require zero manual effort.


How to find trendy YouTube intro templates online?


Don’t know where to start? Look to our digital template gallery for inspiration. You’ll find a wide range of eye-catching designs that are ideal for your brand and self-introduction video.


Want to incorporate moving graphics, elegant typography, and animated elements? Consider using our customizable intro template to improve the layout of your promotional video and add modern features. We understand how difficult it can be to brainstorm design concepts for your promo video.


Think less and do more with our beautifully crafted custom templates. Pick the design that calls to you, then drop your logo image (1) and text (1line) into the editable layers. Create a 10 seconds YouTube trailer to show off your animated logo, make your business more recognizable and improve brand image.


Improve your motion skills with this YouTube channel intro maker


Let me explain the things you can do with our custom AE template. It provides a base for your project when you lack inspiration. The built-in YouTube video intro maker app employs advanced video compositing techniques to render your trailer.


Using our complete AE project files, you can insert layers, special effects, add audio, and make text, shape, and color adjustments. All of this can seem overwhelming to you if you’ve never used it before. However, it’ll get better after you edit a few projects.


It’s easier than using the latest video compositing software to build templates from scratch. If you have no experience whatsoever, invest in customizable templates because they simplify things. Furthermore, our intro maker website caters to designers of all skill levels.


Brand your animated YouTube intro video with your logo


Logo animation will not fade away quickly. The fonts, colors, and textures we use can influence how viewers react to them. It is almost effortless for an audience to recall a brand if they can associate it with moving graphics and positive experiences.


You’re using your channel to introduce your brand, explain your purpose, and give new viewers a reason to subscribe. If you keep releasing quality branded videos, you’ll get more views, monetize your YouTube channel, and build a loyal subscriber base. Moreover, having a YouTube channel increases your social presence and visibility online.


Think of our animated templates as a guide to ensure your commercial presses the right buttons to motivate viewers to subscribe. Go with our presets or add animated text and custom colors that complement your content theme.




I bet you never thought of animating your YouTube intro call-to-action or CTA button. Well, you should because it’ll encourage viewers to subscribe if they like your content. They can’t resist the urge to click it if the animated text is visually impressive.


You should still keep your message concise and straightforward, even if you’re using logo animation. In a nutshell, write short texts that are meaningful and tell your brand story effectively. Put on an unforgettable performance your viewers will never forget.


Get complimentary illustrations, images, footage, music, and animation when you upgrade to premium membership. Want to remove the watermark on your trailer? Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription.


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