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Create Amazing Wedding Invitation Card Video Online with Music

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Create a wedding invitation card with our online video maker

When planning a wedding, families from both parties may want to get involved, especially on the invitation part; they may like to invite their close relatives and friends to witness the exchange of vows. Besides using the traditional printed wedding cards, the digital ones are now popular among the modern couples who prefer sending the invitations online, via email, or sharing on social media networks. Why? Because digital cards are unique and efficient and, most importantly, affordable.

Let’s dig deeper: with this ready-to-edit video template, you can invite your family and friends to your big day; all you need to do is upload one video clip and add ten text lines. When adding your text, you can include all the crucial details of the day, such as the venue, time of the event, and the date, just to name a few. The template has exciting inbuilt editing tools; for example, the font feature will allow you to edit your text whether you want to change the style or size.

Suppose you wish to have a fantastic video; you can get creative and use our different layouts and designs for your project. With a fully customizable option, you can personalize the video to your liking; however, you need to be mindful of the duration and ensure it doesn’t exceed twenty seconds. In less than thirty minutes, you can complete your masterpiece and email your invitation to your guest list in just a few clicks.

Importance of having a wedding invitation video


When planning for a wedding, every little coin counts; therefore, when you get the opportunity to save some money, you’ll grab it. Compared to traditional printed wedding cards, the digital ones are cost-effective; for instance, when you create a video with this template, we will charge you a small fee. You can also send your invitation for free via email or social media.


Incorporating videos as part of your wedding invitation shows uniqueness and creativity, considering not so many people use this method. Furthermore, you can also add some of your favorite background music to express the joy of your union. If you don’t have any copy-right free music, you can use the available songs in the music library.


The advantage of sending your invitation online is that it is effective, and you can do it a few days before your big day since emails only take a few seconds as opposed to a hard copy invite which can take months to do the same job. People can also keep the invitation as a memoir as it’s difficult to lose a softcopy document compared to a hardcopy.

You can personalize messages.

Another advantage of using this template is that you can personalize messages for your guests by adding a short message addressing each person. By doing so, you’ll make your invitees feel special by recognizing them individually.

The takeaway

Congratulations! Your wedding vision is now taking shape, and with this template, we can make your dreams come true. Get started and create your video by login into your account. Even without video editing experience, you can create a masterpiece with our user-friendly template.

Lastly, you can play a free preview to see the outcome before downloading your video in full HD. Please note that this template offers an easy and stress-free way to make your invitation card; all you have to do is select the template, and we’re ready to make it happen.

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