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Create Invitation Card Video For Wedding Online with Music

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Customizable card story template for romantic weddings and Valentine's day!


Weddings and Valentine's day gifts must be something precious. This heart-shaped love story card with elaborate flower animation is an ideal gift. Now you can roleplay that impromptu romantic serenade to profess your deepest love to the one.

Tell an inspiring Romeo and Juliet story with four (4) one-liner texts, one (1) video clip/photo, and unique logo branding. Easy drag-and-drop placement to customize the editable layers. Nicely formatted storyboard in a modular structure to organize graphic assets and content. Creatively express your innermost thoughts and wishes in this stunning 23 seconds video.


Guess what? With this universally versatile and adaptable design, you can use the clip in your love-themed promo videos for business events, products, and services if you wish. You can instantly download the final edited version as a high-resolution HD video with no watermark (Mp4 format). And, you never have to imagine what it would be like to see the changes; you can preview everything in real-time.


Beautifully simple romantic card for wedding and Valentine's day story video


Whether you want to celebrate the festival of love, express intimate feelings, or charm someone, this card sets the mood right. Sometimes you have the words and images but need some flair to pull it off perfectly. Use this love story template to add that unique romantic flair to your wedding and romantic videos.


Bigger than nuptials. With rich customization options, this love story-inspired card template is not just for weddings. Want to send love shots to your social media followers, that special someone, or make your ad campaign look festive for the occasion? This blissful sample video has the secret ingredient you need to spice it up.


Are you worried about how original this will be? How this turns out is entirely up to you. With the breathtaking visuals adorning this design, it charms with just one look. It has incredible potential and will look even more spectacular when you tweak the settings.


Multipurpose heart-shaped invitation card for wedding


Customize this prebuilt video project to design the most romantic invitation card for your wedding or anniversary. Are you a wedding planner or videographer looking to improve your designs? Congratulations! Let me show you how super simple it can be to turn this one design into many ideas for love story videos.


Create inspiring wedding story videos with footage, images, and music your clients will love in minutes. The perfect framework to encapsulate the precious memories just the way soon-to-be weds want them. For V-day, rekindle the love with this touching romance-themed template featuring heart-shaped photo inserts with elegant typography and special effects.


Want to personalize this design for your romantic message or Valentine's day celebrations? For this, you need the best high-resolution images, footage, and logo design elements. Draft your designs confidently with the best romance-themed card video maker for all users, including beginners. Change the preset color scheme, add your favorite memory photo or clip and apply filters to design the sweetest V-day gift ever.


Gift someone a romantic card for Valentine's day


Need any ideas for V-dValentine'sne's story videos are generally touching and inspiring? This stylish V-day-inspired card story template can string your memories together to create the most affectionate romantic video for the one. Get started with this beautiful design and discover fun ways to share your romantic messages.


Got a business? With this sweet video project, you can bridge a deeper emotional connection with your clients and customersValentine'sne's day. Now you can announce V-day promotions, discounts, and sales in your video. Dedicate something festive on social media to mark the event and spark interesting conversations.


Frame your sweetest memories profoundly with this soft, romantic style template design. Drop your favorite photo or clip on the designated area you want to edit with a few catchy one-liner phrases, music, and personable branding elements. You never imagined making a beautiful V-day story video could be this easy. Don'ton't just want my word for it. Try stylish typography features, brand kit effects, animation, and more. Easy upgrade and download after making your sample video; purchase an unlimited monthly subscription.

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