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Make Memorial Photo Book Ideas Video with After Effects template

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Memorize your loved one story with a memorial photo book video

Do you want to learn how to keep your loved one’s memory alive with a memorial photo book that tells their story? Celebrating the life of a beloved one using a captivating tribute video is priceless and will serve you for so many years; plus, you can get to share with the future generation.

Our memorial video maker will help you pay tribute respectfully; don’t worry if you don’t know how to create a video because everything is a walk in the park with this template.

All you need to do is insert up to twenty-two video clips; please use some of their cherished photos or videos; next is to insert at least twenty-four text lines. You can choose to write about some of the best moments you shared.

For example, you can write that down if you went on a holiday together. Finally, you can add a logo image and ensure that your video doesn’t exceed two minutes and two seconds; the idea is to capture everything and ensure that the video is short and sweet.

You want a scenario where people will watch your video and get emotional, which will carry them away; all this is possible when you apply some creativity to your video. With that said, you can add some of their favorite music to the video to keep it more appealing; you can select a song from our music library. No video editing experience? Don’t worry; our memorial video maker has several built-in tools to help you create a masterpiece and customize your video.

Below are a few ideas on how to make a memorable memorial photo book

Pick the best video clips and photos

When selecting content for your video, deciding which photos and video clips to pick and which ones to leave out can be challenging. If you want to make a balanced video, it’s critical to do your best and select different images for different events; but you also have to set a limit. Luckily with this template, you can only upload up to twenty-two images, so ensure to select your best.

Tell their life story

Once done selecting their favorite pictures and video clips, arrange them in a manner that will tell your loved one’s life story. You can consider putting them in chronological order or grouping some images related to the same event together. Remember to select the right music track to highlight the feelings you’re trying to display.

Present the video at the memorial service

Once done creating your video, you can prepare to present it at the memorial service; you can download it in many sizes and formats and save it to your cloud storage, DVD, or USB device, whichever works for you. You can also share on social media to connect with your loved one’s online friends. An essential thing to note is to ensure that your video is working correctly before the memorial event.


A memorial photo slideshow is an excellent way of celebrating someone’s life. The above template lets you honor everyone from fallen heroes to dear friends, family members, and even beloved pets. Easily add photos, text, music, and more to make an emotional tribute that you’ll cherish forever.

Our video editors have designed this respectful, consoling, and heartwarming template so that anyone can easily tailor it to show how much someone means to you. The best thing about it is that it’s very affordable.

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