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Turn Photos Into Slideshow Video with After Effects template

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Want to turn your photos into a marketing video? Here’s how to do it in less time!


How do you keep potential clients interested in your brand, services, or products? Consistently remind them of your business, the value it provides, and how it’ll resolve their issues or meet their needs. Demonstrating this is easy when you play it out in a photo intro clip rather than bombarding them with lengthy text.


Nowadays, you don’t even need to be an expert video maker to create promo videos for your company or brand. Use our ready-to-go video template to make branded marketing videos for any business in minutes. Do you want to learn how to edit and personalize this design?


It lets you insert eight (8) photos or video clips, your logo design, and 15 text lines for 49 seconds. After you import your media assets onto the drop zones, you can include accompanying music to make your introduction memorable. Within 30 minutes, you’ll have your finished intro video, which is downloadable in full HD (no watermark).


Brochure photo collage template in AE - making affordable business ads


Slideshow ads are affordable and lightweight compared to traditional videos. It combines text, motion, and sound to narrate your brand story profoundly. Ready to learn how to make a photo slideshow with music for business advertising?


Our slideshow maker has rich built-in video editing tools that you can use to convert your photos into a visually dynamic ad. With our app, you can make ads right on your browser without installing new software and plug-ins. It has a simple, intuitive user interface that you can master quickly.


Tap the edit button above to open the online video creator and start working on your slide. The template has an integrated dashboard that features all the customization functions and tools. Once it launches, follow the three (3) steps, and you are ready to go.


Best online video maker: Learn how to make a photo slideshow with music


Let me explain how this video maker works. Foremost, customize the video template graphics with your pictures, footage, and branded logo. We highly recommend adding mp3 music that can complement your slide in a meaningful way.


The importer tool lets you retrieve files from any storage location, such as your computer or connected devices. Follow the recommended requirements for file uploads to ensure the best quality final product. During video production, you may adjust the speed of your slide, change colors, text fonts, and modify select design elements.


With auto-render, our video editor guarantees the highest quality processing at an unprecedented speed. Feel free to use any compatible video editor to alter the design after downloading your finished slideshow intro. For example, you can incorporate additional slides, change the fixed template layers or cut your video.


How to add photo in video maker for slideshow ad creation


Adding photos is easy. Each video template has built-in tools that allow you to swap out placeholder images easily. There is a clickable icon within the dashboard that enables you to perform this function.


As you may already know, creating video-like slideshows in After Effects can be a steep learning curve. We aim to dumb down the procedure for all users, quicken processing, and help you produce better videos. Our slideshow templates are easy to customize, whether you’re an avid animator, have some training, or are a beginner.


Follow the on-screen instructions to ensure your image file is the recommended size, resolution, and format. One more thing, consider purchasing our unlimited monthly subscription to increase your per video savings. Your low monthly fee covers everything from video hosting to HD downloads (no watermark), previews, exclusive templates, and more.

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