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Make a text Video Presentation With Spotlight Design

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Video marketing


We are in a digital age where technology has dramatically improved. This improvement in technology has significantly impacted the way marketing is done. Currently, videos are the best and the most effective marketing tools.


This is because they are more flexible and thus are easy to convert into various formats for use on multiple digital media. People also prefer using videos to text because videos have irresistible designs, making them more interesting.


Nevertheless, it would be best to make your video marketing strategy stand out in the market space. On that note, we encourage the use of text video presentations. These are short and brief videos that only include texts and your logo image. The logo image helps your target audience deem your brand as professional.


Now with this video template, you get to create text-only video presentations with spotlight designs. The total duration for the videos is 30 seconds. Best of all, this After Effects template has room for six text lines and one logo image. Suppose you are wondering about the flexibility of the videos. In that case, you should note that this video ad template will help you create amazing videos for your brand regardless of the sector in which it operates.


How to create video presentations


Our video presentation creator makes it super easy for you to create professional videos with stunning designs. You get to produce high-quality videos using the best video presentation software. Press the button above to start your video project and edit this Adobe After Effects template.


Pressing the above button displays all the editing tools on our video maker. Our animators have carefully designed the template, and this is to make the video creation process even smoother. All you need to do is replace the existing content in the video display parts with your own.


To make your video more interesting, we allow you to add a music track. You can select a song from the variety of stock music available on our video editor. Alternatively, you can upload your favorite song from your device if none of the songs available on our video creator pleases you.


Once you are happy with your music selection, produce a free test video to check whether there are any errors in your video. If you are confident that your video is flawless, produce it in Full HD. You can then download your video in various sizes and formats, ready for use wherever you want.


Where can you use presentation videos?


Now you can upload your videos on various social networks. Most people worldwide use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Tik Tok to communicate. By posting your videos on such platforms, you are sure to reach more people at once, increasing your chances of making more sales.


Moreover, you can post your videos on your business website. This is effective since people get to learn more about your brand in the comfort of their homes by using their mobile phones or computers. As a bonus, posting videos on your website will boost your website’s SEO ranking, thus making it easier for people to find.

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