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Create Dark Glow 3D Text Animation Intro Video

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This animated 3D text video template will let you create a pretty cool intro for your business or Youtube videos. You must insert two text lines and wait a few minutes for the video to be generated.

If you need to create an excellent animated video for your company, look no further and give this template a run. Using our 3D text video maker is easy, and with the power of our online video editor, you can be sure that you will have a video of high quality in no time.

The template has two text fields, one for the company name and another that you can use to put your company's website or a tagline. As mentioned before, our 3D text video maker is easy to use and can produce professional results in no time.


Why use our online video text animator?

If you want a custom-made video for your company, it could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You would need to go through the pressure and stress and select a video company, making them understand your vision and hope for the best.

Why not use our online video editor and create the video you've always envisioned? You can browse our hundreds of templates and pick one that matches your company's corporate image.

Promotional videos no longer have to be expensive; we have worked hard to create the technology that will allow you to make the perfect animated text video for your company. Our video templates are created by the most talented animators and designers using the industry-leading software, Adobe After Effects. We've done the hard work, so you don't have to.

Just fill in your company name and your domain or tagline, sit and relax, and your video will be available in no time.

Attention: If you want to use a logo image instead of text, contact us to manually insert your logo design in the template and produce your video. Using this template, you can only use input plain text, but we can help you overcome this. We have other 3D logo templates that allow you to upload your logo design. Take a look below.
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