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Make 3d Ball Rotating Logo Reveal Video - After Effects template

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Make a rotating 3D ball logo reveal video.

A logo is the soul of a brand identity. It presents the nature of a company or product and plays a crucial role in branding. A powerful logo acts as a bridge between your brand and the audience and tells the story of your company.

An animated logo is a modern and vibrant way of presenting a brand. It displays a company’s personality and transfers specific messages to attract customers. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to stand out from your competitors because an animated logo promises originality.

Videos have become necessary for businesses today because they’ve enabled brands to showcase modern, professional, and tech-savvy brands. To bring uniqueness to your startup, you can create a rotating 3D ball logo reveal video using the above template. Let me explain how this is possible; by inserting up to 3 video clips, one text line, and a logo image, you’re ready to set your brand ahead of your competitors.

What can our intro and outro maker do for your business?

Using our intro video creator software has a lot of advantages. Here’s how your brand can benefit;

• Increase in brand visibility

• A High number of viewers means more revenue

• High level of professionalism

• Builds trust and loyalty

• It gives your viewers a snippet of what your company entails

The first impression can significantly impact how people see your brand. With our ball intro template, you can create a powerful animated logo video that will effectively connect with prospective customers and capture their attention. In this case, your video should not exceed 11 seconds.

People can easily connect with an animated logo as compared to a static logo. A distinctive logo will surprise your viewers and trigger emotions of excitement. When emotions are triggered, you can easily convince your audience about your business, and chances are, they will remember your brand.

Where to use your 3D ball logo intro video

Intending to increase brand visibility, video content targets all the digital space and can be practical in various cases with different purposes. For example, here are some of the places where you can post your  video;

• Social media networks

These days, social networks have become leading platforms for product promotion and brand awareness. Most people spend 80% of their time online communicating on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most startups use this method as a marketing strategy to easily share their video, knowing that it will reach a bigger audience. 

The good thing about this video template is that you can download your video in different formats and sizes to share on social media platforms.

• Company website

A website is like a resume of a company. It’s essential to ensure a website works efficiently. Did you know that embedding an animated logo to your site can boost its SEO (search engine optimization)? 

Visitors will watch your logo animation, and by doing so, they’ll end up spending more time on a page. This can significantly influence your website ranking in the search results.

• Presentations

If you’re planning to hold a presentation, be it a business meeting or a product demonstration, including a logo intro video to slides, can add an element of creativity and originality to the presentation.


Here at makewebvideo.com, we’ve assisted so many startups and SMEs in achieving their objective regarding marketing and advertising. By creating user-friendly templates, one can make a high-quality video at a very reasonable price. In short, if you want to take your company to the next phase, now is the time to create that fantastic video.


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