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Make Brush Stroke Photo Slideshow Video Online In Minutes

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With this template, you can create a slideshow video with brush strokes effect. Displaying your photos, video clips, and text as slides with a modern and professional look. Royalty-free music is included.

As you can see in the sample video, you can use this video maker template to create remarkable brush slideshows, for example for promoting a hotel, travel company, or real estate agency.

Our movie maker app allows you to create professional advertisement videos with brush stroke animations and a duration of up to 90 seconds.

Our online slideshow maker allows you to insert up to 15 video clips, 56 text lines, and even a logo image. You will not find this feature on every other template since it is unique to ours.

In other words, our template exhausts all areas that you may focus on as you generate your videos, ranging from videos to text. Try out our template, and you will not regret it. This is because our template will help you create videos with the best quality and at a pocket-friendly cost.


Where is our picture video maker applicable?


Most of our templates are for advertising and marketing use. They can be used to create promo videos for companies and other business entities regardless of their size.

You can use our photo-video app to create either personal videos or videos aimed at marketing your brand. The choice is solely yours to make sense. On our end, we have everything set for either video that you decide to create.


How to create videos from photos using our tool


With our slideshow creator, it is super easy to create a professional summer slideshow. You get to produce a high-quality slideshow with music using the best video templates. To start the creation process of your video project and customize this template, press the button above.

This will open up our template window, and you can access all the tools on the template. Technically, almost everything is already done for you since the whole design is already done for you. All you have to do is replace the existing graphics and contents with your own.

Add a music track of your choice to the video. You can either use one of the music tracks available on our template or upload one from your computer. After you are satisfied with the music track, go ahead and produce the free test video.

The video is usually low quality but will help you check for errors that the video may have. Once you are confident that the video has no errors, go ahead and produce the Full HD video.


The Full HD video will only be available to you after paying a small fee equal to the video's cost. You can then download it or use the embed option to post it directly to your website. As simple as that, and you will be all set. Press the above button and get started now, free of charge.


Why choose us?


The most talented animators, who have made it their business in ensuring that you get the finest and most attractive designs, have designed our templates.


We have an option that will allow you to create a PayPal account for free to facilitate the payment for the videos you create using our tool. This is very helpful, especially when you need a video but you lack a PayPal account.


We allow you to produce a free test video to check for errors that your video may have. This, therefore, ensures that all the Full HD videos that you produce are flawless and are of the best quality you can ever ask for.

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