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Create Hands Holographic Photo Slideshow Video with Music

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Make a hands holographic photo slideshow in minutes

Videos are one of the essential tools marketers have at their disposal. They’re such an important part of modern marketing that many companies jump on board and create videos to help them reach more viewers. That said, if you want to grab peoples’ attention, creating a captivating video is essential for the growth of your business.

Let’s dig a little deeper: incorporating video content as part of your digital communication strategy is vital. Why? Because most consumers now prefer video over written content, people can process and understand quickly. On the other hand, slideshows help convey visual information, so you shouldn’t ignore this medium if you are planning to market and promote your brand.

However, creating an attractive brand video is no cakewalk. With so many brands luring advertisers these days, it’s crucial to keep a check on your business exposure. Let me take you through the steps of making an adorable video that commands attention with this template. Begin by selecting the above slideshow maker, then insert at least fifty-four video clips, twenty text lines, and two logo images. The shorter the video, the higher the reception; for that reason, ensure your video doesn’t exceed one minute.

Why you need a hands holographic photo slideshow video for your business

It’s no surprise that videos are one of the top digital trends in 2018. Even though many people are still scared to upload their videos on social media, this is changing quickly. These days, you can find anything online. Did you know that you can share your videos with the world and build your brand through advertising? Let me explain: with a wide range of devices and internet access, it is possible to instantly create a photographic representation of your company or brand.

With a slideshow video, you can use beautiful snapshots to tell people what your brand entails and what they stand to benefit if they associate with it. Please note that a few multimedia can go a long way in marketing; a slideshow is an easy way to highlight your products, services, and mission statement. Additionally, adding a soundtrack can help keep the viewer’s attention.

In addition to being visually appealing, photo slideshows are great for sharing multiple information points in one place. It can be difficult for customers or potential clients to digest all the information you offer in just one sitting, so presenting it in bite-sized chunks can make it easier.


It’s time to make the best of visual marketing and use it repeatedly. Visuals are not dying, even though they get overshadowed by other marketing channels. Visuals can be the right way to go, in your marketing efforts since they can increase brand engagement, create brand recognition, and help you connect with customers.

Please note that an engaging video is a key to capturing people’s attention; for that reason, ensure your company’s images are engaging and stay relevant to your brand story. A great video can engage and convert more customers than any other kind of content. And it doesn’t just have to be a one-time push. It works as an ongoing marketing strategy. Now you know how influential videos can be, be sure to include them in your emails, postcards, and newsletters.


With this template, you can create a series of videos highlighting a different aspect of your business and building brand recognition by addressing your audiences with additional messages. And the best thing about it is it’s affordable.


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