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Make Neon Logo Reveal Video Online with After Effects template

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Want to get through to your audience? Try this particle logo reveal!


Animated logotypes are a sought-after commodity in business promotion, marketing, and branding nowadays. Have you wondered why? As an element of advertising, it gives brands the ammunition they need to display professionalism, creativity, innovation, and authenticity.


Are you an enterprise or creative looking to promote brand awareness, improve storytelling for effective communication and make your company more recognizable? Try this logo reveal video with particle energy blast graphics and special effects. Whether you’re rebranding or doing a first-ever brand launch, this template will help you produce a logo stinger that visitors can’t ignore.


Hey, guess what? It will be your fastest video production ever! Finish your ad design, render, and generate a full-HD logo sting in less than 30 minutes. You never imagined it would be this quick, we understand.


Neon power logo reveal - want to grow your audience quicker?


Here’s an opportunity to boost your brand appeal and enter new markets. An ad design that commands attention immediately, this dynamic video project is a showstopper. It lets you add eye-catching theatrics and details to hold viewers’ attention.


Show your clients and customers how your brand is moving with the times. With this logo animation, you can demonstrate why your company is a better choice than the competition. Get maximum exposure for your creative work by adding your logo.


Build anticipation for your event, brand launch, product, or company promotion quickly and effortlessly. You’ll be able to make a unique value proposition that compels your audience to take action. How to edit this video?


Tweak this energy logo reveal in a few clicks


New users! Sign-up is a breeze. Just fill in some basic information, and you’re ready to go. Already have an account? Fantastic! Let me show you how simple this is. Press the Edit button to access the preloaded video files and modify the customizable parts of this industry-specific template.


Use our handy built-in tools to resize, reposition, adjust and rearrange design elements. Look for the Upload button on each layer to import new media into the folder. Just upload your company logo design (1 image) and your brand slogan (1 text) for the best 11 seconds reveal, and our auto-render app will do the rest.


You can also take things up a notch by adding engaging music and footage or pictures. Don’t have a sound to use yet? Explore our gallery to find top custom-made, royalty-free music, icons, illustrations, and more. After that, personalize your video with distinctive branding elements and hit render. You’re all done!

Particle energy blast logo reveal - reasons to get one?


With a cleverly crafted video project like this, the possibilities are endless. Customers will trust your brand and expect nothing short of professionalism. Plus, it boosts customer engagement and helps them identify your properties quickly.


It is an instrumental element in building brand recognition, establishing customer trust, retaining loyalty, improving credibility, and creating a visual brand presence. The advantage of using templates is that you get to invent an exquisite ad design that portrays your brand style and personality.


Get an ad design featuring your brand colors and typography that suits the style as well. In no time, viewers will become so emotionally invested and want to learn more about your company. Now you’ll be able to distinguish your brand from competitors and be at every corner of the industry.


The takeaway


Whether you’re advertising on your socials or your website, you want to put your best content out there. Judging by the fast-declining attention span of humans nowadays, brands are constantly competing to get noticed. That said, it takes something extraordinary to pique viewers’ curiosity and prompt them into action.


Fortunately, you can create clickable CTAs for your branded videos so your audience won’t miss out on incredible reveals. Hey, don’t worry about your limited experience or lack of confidence. Our intelligent video maker is handy and almost fully automated. So, in a nutshell, you barely have to lift a finger except when you’re dragging and dropping elements.


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