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Make Rotating Light Explosion Logo Reveal Video - AE template

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Make a video in minutes with this Rotating light Explosion Logo Reveal After Effects template for business promotion. Logo animation is helping brands become icons on social media and across the digital space. Have you wondered why it’s outperforming once-leading strategies as the dominant force behind successful brand marketing? 


Let’s be honest about the influence an animated logo wields. Motionless variants cannot bring flavor and charisma like moving graphics. When applied correctly and consistently, it can yield impressive results. Businesses leverage branded logo ads as a promotional tool to reaffirm corporate identity, improve storytelling, increase awareness and enhance memorability. 


Promo videos help companies get noticed, attract new consumers, retain loyalty, and boost brand recognition. All of this translates to the business achieving or even exceeding its objectives to scale growth and revenues. Are you wondering if a branded animated logo is ideal for your promo video campaign? Discover how it can organically improve your company’s bottom line. 


Branded logo animation not a waste of time and money?


You’ve raised a valid question as any sensible investor would do. When exploited effectively, consistently, and correctly, branded logo reveal animation can yield copious rewards. So, it is unwise to ignore this market-shifting trend because today’s competitive digital advertising world revolves around it. 


The traditional way of animating logo videos can deplete your limited advertising budget quickly without any lucrative gains. Luckily, MakeWebVideo found a cost-efficient alternative that can help small-scale startups and boutique firms streamline productivity. Did you watch our swirling light logo reveal template preview? It’s amazing! And, you can use our intro and outro maker to customize it in just 30 minutes or less. 


Just use our intro video creator software to do quick edits online, and it will be yours. All you need is a branded logo image and your text (1 line) to customize our ready-to-use template. It can make an 11 seconds intro video. Imagine what it would be like to have this exquisite logo reveal design for your brand. Why wouldn’t you want your brand intro framed in a template as timeless as time?


Top 4 advantages of using logo reveal After Effects animation for promotional branding. 


  • Be unforgettable. An original brand logo that is memorable increases the chances of audience recall. Since it is the first thing that greets them, you can’t go wrong if you make the journey fulfilling. You can adapt our stylish hot explosion logo reveal animation to transform any ordinary commercial into something extraordinary.


  • Originality. You want to stand out, not be a statistic. Animated logos are undeniably phenomenal and unique. Consider animating your brand logo to give it an exclusive design that turns heads. 


  • Professionalism. Premade animated templates help you to present your brand logo professionally. Customers, investors, and fans prefer brands that embrace industry innovation. Learning how to make a YT intro video with a premade animated template is a great way to show off your logo in modern style. 


  • Improve your storytelling process. Animated videos paint relatable experiences viewers can quickly identify and connect with in some way. You can’t find a better medium to tell your profound brand stories without being intrusive. 




Branded animation videos can help any organization or business competing for viewers’ attention climb to new heights. However, effective execution is crucial. Before creating your animated logo, take care to consider your brand persona and business objectives. 


Also, conduct comprehensive research to study your target audience and learn their preferences. It will help you choose the best orientation for your animated logo intro video. 


Unpredictability can be a powerful concept to leverage when making introductions for your short brand movies. Although you can stretch your intro video up to 20 seconds, shorter segments lasting 10 seconds or less are ideal. 


Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to get a sneak peek of our exclusives. Explore our gallery for free illustrations, images, and footage at no extra charge. Order your light bulb explosion logo reveal free download in HD. 


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