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Make Music Intro Video with Professional After Effects template

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Easy way to make video intro with music faster


What's the easiest way to create premium marketing videos for your business event, promotion campaign, or product branding? Preloaded After Effects projects like this intro template with music offer businesses a lot of flexibility and creative design options when making visual content. A video introduction is just one of the tools a company needs to reach clients, customers and even raise funding.


Do you want to learn how to make high-end marketing videos for branding? Fantastic! Let's get your project off the ground.


The video template you see here comes fully loaded with creative assets, typography, designing tools, graphics, and so forth. With it, even an absolute amateur or novice can pull off making professional-looking video ads. As a creator, you don't need a substantial upfront investment to get started either.


Customizing this animated intro template with music in just 1-2-3 steps


Choose the design you like and tweak the customizable parts until you achieve perfect results. Whether you prefer a simple, minimalist style like this mockup, or something flashy, our template offers a variety. This pack contains one placeholder for logo design and one text field to create the best 8-second intro video.


Plus, you can include related images or footage and music to support your storytelling for a memorable, immersive experience. Find illustrations, icons, and creative branding elements for your video project right here on our website. Also, remember to top it off with unique visual features to differentiate your company and reinforce your identity.


Redo the color scheme and change the typography to fit your brand style. Preview your finished product before you order it in high definition (Mp4). Share, download, or export it to any platform easily.


Reasons to get a custom logo intro?


Let’s discuss different ways to use intro videos. It’s a widely used promotional tool in business marketing and branding today. Startups use it to showcase their human resources and assets to potential clients, explain ideas/concepts, or introduce a new business model.

What is the advantage of using this medium to advertise, market, or promote your brand? Ideally, this platform allows you - the advertiser or brand to be as authentic, creative, and communicative as you can.


Survey findings indicate that opening your videos with an intro, adding one to your business website, or creating one-off promotional ads can significantly boost customer engagement. Do you want more mileage out of your intro video? This template will help you generate a clean, professional ad design to hit your business goals faster.


Logo intro maker - need music for your videos?


The name intro music says it all. However, let's dig a little deeper to understand when it’s appropriate to use this feature in your business promo videos. Select an engaging prelude track to open your video presentation, whether on YouTube, podcasts, social media, or your homepage.


If you can't find suitable tracks in your catalog, try our custom-made musical numbers. Feel free to sample any unique sound you like. It’s royalty-free! Choosing your intro music is a crucial aspect of content creation. As an essential feature of your hook, it plays on your emotions and sets the mood for your videos.


Memorable, inspiring, and alluring music adds flavor to your brand content so that you can get more views. Look no further than our portal for sonically crisp HQ jingles to move your audience.




So you’re looking for the best video production tool on the market to get your projects done faster, cheaper and better. Try our inexpensive online app to create affordable premium content for business promotion. Unlike complicated software you’ve probably tried and moved on from, our process is simple.


What we’re saying, in a nutshell, is that you don’t even need training or prior experience to use this intro maker app. We have auto-rendering for that, plus a range of built-in tools to help you work quicker and more efficiently. Moreover, you'll typically be dragging and dropping elements where you want them to go.


Trust me; you’ll complete your intro video in no time. Most projects take less than 30 minutes. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription today!

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