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Make Wedding Slideshow Video Online with After Effects template

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Congratulations! Your wedding trailer is about to be relevant forever!


Every wedding has a unique love story. Want to put on a heartfelt show that brings your guests, family, partner, and everyone to tears? Here's how you can learn how to make a wedding slideshow.


Let’s not deny the fact that cinematic videography can be expensive. However, there are cost-friendly alternatives that deliver similar results to professional projects. Imagine what it would be like to frame your romantic wedding day in this picture-perfect trailer.


With our textured Golden text AE template, you can create a precious still motion picture in minutes. Customizing this project is a no-brainer because everything you need is in the composition file. Just open the template editor and drop your files into the designated layers to get on your way.


How do I edit this golden text After Effects template?


First, gather all the materials you need for this project: branded logo (1 image), pre-recorded footage (5 clips) or photos, music, and text (15 lines). Then pick one of our designer-made templates or select this sample if it appeals to you. Replace the respective placeholders with your original media files.


You’re almost there. One of the advantages of using this technique is that the built-in video creator software has an auto-rendering feature. Therefore, it requires zero human effort to design personalized wedding slides.


The expected project delivery time is about 30 minutes for any length video, including this 43 seconds slideshow. You can’t find a quicker way to do this without technical knowledge and experience. Once your project is complete, you can save, share, or download it (keep the low-resolution version or order a dynamic HD copy).


Why should I make a wedding trailer slideshow?


Wedding slideshows are not a new trend. They’ve been around for generations, but it was once a pricy commodity (and it still is). It lets you experience that special day all over again (whenever you want to reminisce on your love story).


If you’re going for that filmy, cinematic look, this animated background texture will give your video a polished feel and look. It’s the perfect foundation for a personalized wedding slideshow. Let me explain why this is a worthwhile investment for newlyweds.


Honestly, this is value for money because it’s not costly, and you get the last say as far as design goes. Moreover, you get immediate results, not weeks or months. A slideshow like this could cost you a couple of hundred dollars if you’d hire a cinematographer or photographer.


AE template makes learning how to make a wedding slideshow on a budget easy!


It’s an affordable, accessible technique and requires zero experience. You can make your slideshow as unique and personalized as you wish. Get your DIY slideshow back on the same day you create it.


Applying fades, transitions, text animations, visuals, and sound effects have never been this effortless. Repurpose past-time photos or video clips (memories of your magical first date, engagement, vacations, and milestones that cemented your bond).


Melt hearts at your pre-wedding events, for example, your reception and rehearsal dinner. If you manage a wedding cinematography or photography business, AE templates should be a top priority. It'll help you deliver meaningful, emotional, impactful storytelling at lightning speed.




Your wedding slideshow won’t be the same if you don’t add music. It’s an emotional trigger that excites the pleasure hormones. Imagine the possibilities when you pair it with the perfect images or videos to create a visually immersive experience.


Undeniably, your wedding will be an unforgettable event. It takes only three simple steps to make a captivating slideshow with our intelligent video generator. Add your favorite song, photos and customize your slide without delay.


Share your wedding highlights with a personalized slideshow video on YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere you choose. It’s one of the greatest storytellers you can find on a budget. Unlike photographs that fade, a wedding slideshow is timeless.

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