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Make Lightning Movie Trailer Video with After Effects template

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You can create a winning movie title trailer with this AE template!


Independent cinema has come a long way. But let’s not ignore the incredible challenges indie producers face to get support for their projects. It’s a competitive space, no doubt.


Yes, there’s an oversaturated marketplace because of digital production opportunities. With digital technology, bringing dramatizations to life with immersive images and sound effects require little to no effort. Visual storytelling is the dominant approach that is helping creators like you yield weightier returns. Plus, online distribution channels like YouTube lets you put your product right in front of the consumer.


Despite this exciting progress, you might be struggling to raise development funding. Promotional trailers can help you establish your label, improve recognition, social visibility, and profitability. Have you wondered why so many of your peers are using movie trailer AE templates nowadays?


What do you need to make a movie trailer? Try this Lightning Text AE template!


The customizable video project above is an After Effects composition file that can help you improve your logo animation design and visual content strategy. Ideally, this is a versatile design that can complement multiple film genres. Here’s what you need to start editing your composition: pictures or video clips (7), branded logo image (1), text lines (13), and music. Your final cut will include 33 seconds of footage.


Ok, I know what you’re thinking: how much does this cost? It’s cheaper than hiring externally - an advertising agency, animator, or graphics design artist. Plus, it’s faster, economically sustainable, offers creative concepts, and enables you to work efficiently.


Do you have a rush project? With this designer-made AE template, you can complete a trailer in 30 minutes or less. Your inexperience won’t be a problem because this automates post-production video edits.


How to make a movie trailer that hooks viewers?


Do you know what the purpose of a film trailer is? It’s typically a promotional ad or commercial that announces and advertises your soon-to-be-released feature film. Simply put, this is an interactive visualizer that drives desire, thrill, excitement, and anticipation based on visual storytelling.


Essentially, it entices the intended audience to follow through and see how your story ends. Creating attention-grabbing content might seem intimidating at first, but it gets easier when you understand what makes a movie trailer successful.


Let’s dig a little deeper to understand the elements that make up a good film trailer. The setting, tone, character, creativity, and genre are the most valuable assets. An effective promo movie trailer has perfect editing, music, storytelling; and effortlessly triggers emotions.

Learn how to make a movie trailer on Windows (no software installation required)


Apply unique transitions to your promotional trailer without learning the technical details. One of the things we like about video compositing automation with After Effects is that you invest less money. If you’re working on a Windows desktop or another compatible system, you don’t have to buy or download additional software.


The video rendering app runs on your web browser. Whenever you open a template file, it launches the editor in the background. We’ve already organized the project file for you, so you can start working on your project right away. The file enables you to alter the background, design elements, colors, and text. With it, you can creatively animate your titles for your next premiere.


Here are a few things you should remember when preparing your trailer. Take care to save your video project after each edit. Also, choose a high-resolution logo image, photos, footage, and to achieve a stunning finished video.




As a breakout filmmaker, I’m sure you have ambitions for yourself and your label. Maybe you want to grace the stage of great film festivals like Cannes one day. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to source unique assets like our shocking text animation for your project.


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