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Make Dramatic War Movie Trailer Video with After Effects template

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Learn how to make a movie trailer like the pros


Are you planning a promotional campaign for a future film premiere? That’s awesome! What do you have in mind? A couple of movie trailers, title scenes, and teasers to get the audience talking?


Well, that’s a great idea. You’re probably thinking about outsourcing your projects to an agency or specialists, which generally costs a considerable investment. While this works for elite studios with massive advertising budgets, small franchises often challenge raising capital.

The alternative is to source the best After Effects templates for trailers and titles. Imagine what it would be like to oversee all stages of the creative process when making your war movie trailer. With our superfast movie trailer animator, you can build a promotional video for your new film in as little as 30 minutes.


What do I need to make a dramatic movie trailer?


You will need the following items: a branded logo image (1), video footage (6 clips), photos, music, and custom text (13 lines). If you examine our battle movie trailer After Effects template, you’ll see that it has editable presets. Replace the highlighted placeholders with your project files.


Our adrenaline-filled template provides a well-structured foundation for action subgenres, including epic battle movies and war films. You can easily insert scenes and add professional visual effects that make your trailers look like studio-made versions. With modern typography options, you can generate clean cinematic titles that give your motion pictures an immersive appeal your viewers will admire.


Take your audience to the battlefield with this action-styled selection. It features brilliant animation effects, post-production video transitions, and text layers. The final cut will feature 58 seconds of video.


Make an epic feature film promo with this movie trailer maker!


Are you wondering how to make a movie trailer that instantly hooks your audience? The top attributes that propel a film trailer’s commercial success are:


  • Define the premise in a concise, exciting way. While you want to share as much information as possible about your film, you shouldn’t spill everything.


  • Create an atmosphere that complements the mood of your film. The aim is to trigger emotions and inspire people to immerse themselves in the imaginary world you’ve created.


  • Introduce a few lead characters. Movie trailers should be entertaining, thought-provoking, and suspenseful. Consider showcasing star characters that can build up anticipation and desire for the action.


  • Add a dramatic soundtrack. One of the best features of a film trailer is its music. The tracks you choose can either make or ruin your trailer. It’s one of the elements that enhance the whole mood and experience.


Find out how a battle movie trailer generator can help you save money!


Our movie trailer creator automates your film editing and production. You only need a small investment to start making videos. Since it’s a web-based app, you don’t have to install additional software or buy equipment.


If you want to cut your trailers faster, this is the perfect tool to streamline production. It employs a fast-rendering technology that enables you to finish projects at an incredible speed.


Will you be promoting your movie trailer on YouTube or another social media channel? The thing about using our animation software is that it lets you create videos for any platform. You can embed your finished videos on your website and social media easily.




Do you have limited time to create and promote trailers for an upcoming movie premiere? Check out our animated After Effects movie trailers and titles category to find a template for your project. There’s no easier way to implement automation for filmmaking.


Besides helping you animate pre-recorded footage quicker, this model delivers the most economical studio-quality motion pictures. Try our online movie generator and purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to fast-track your filmmaking business.


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