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Video Title Maker - Create your Own Animated Movie Title or Trailer

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This movie trailer template lets you create your own animated opening video title with cinema awards design and special effects. Just replace the existing text, photos, and video clips with your own. You can insert up to 13 video clips or pictures, 20 text lines, and a logo. You can also set the text and light colors.

Film Title Software

Our professional video title editing software runs completely online inside the web browser. Nothing to download and it uses only the best Adobe After Effects templates to generate the videos. 

How to create video titles? It's easy! Just use the world's best online video title maker and get your video in minutes. Press the button above to start creating your video project. It is free to experiment with all our templates.

Video production studios from all over the world use our film title design software to create great look videos for reselling, so perhaps you too want to make some money producing videos? With our monthly subscription, you can produce all the videos you want for a fixed, low-cost price. You'll make a profit on your first sale!

Video Editing Using The Best Intro Templates

Our video intro maker produces videos using only the best intro templates available in the market. Our team of video animators adds on average 2 new templates every single day to our website. Don't take our word for granted. Just go through the templates yourself and create intro videos fast.

Notice that the free video is in low-resolution and comes with a watermark. It's just for testing before purchasing the Full HD video, that comes with royalty-free music. You can either pay for a single video or you can subscribe to our monthly subscription and all Full HD videos will be free.

Those looking for a way to make some extra cash, why not start reselling our videos to local businesses in your community? And you can even resell our videos on various marketplaces and make a decent profit.
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