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Make Glossy Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Here’s why your brand needs a glossy logo reveal video

Motion design has been one of the leading trends for the past few years, and animated components have become a crucial part of the design process. Animated logos have become a popular asset of brand identity and marketing because they display innovativeness and uniqueness. Many brands are now using logo reveal videos to market and advertise their products; let’s dig deeper.

A logo is the soul of brand identity; it displays a company’s personality and plays a massive role in the branding strategy. A commanding logo can tell your brand’s story and set the connection with your target audience. Do you want to develop a compelling brand image that serves as the base of a successful marketing strategy?

The best news is to accomplish your objective by creating a stunning logo reveal video with the above template. All you have to do is insert one text line, a logo image and ensure that your video doesn’t exceed fifteen seconds. With modern technology, the age of static graphic design is now water under the bridge; now, you have the opportunity to bring life into your logo thanks to this template.

Take your startup business to the next level with a glossy logo reveal video

Creating a logo animation video can vary from simple moves to a short video, and technology has made things more manageable. You can now openly access tools that can help you create a captivating logo introduction video. With or without video editing experience, you can create a masterpiece with online video templates like the above one. Okay, I know what you’re thinking; must I use an animated logo as a startup owner?

There are so many benefits of using a logo introduction video because it’s a modern and lively way to present a brand; first and foremost, it can display a company’s character and communicate specific messages to attract customers. It’s also an excellent way to stand out from your competition since it shows originality. Below are some of the benefits that a logo reveal video can bring to your brand.


Did you know that some brands have similar logos, and sometimes they can be competitors? It may not be on purpose, but some brands might be forced to apply recognition components in a logo to hint about their services. If you want to bring uniqueness to your logo, consider adding some motion.

The reason why people prefer animated logos is that it allows the imagination to go out of control. Original graphics created with different visual effects make a unique way to view the logo.


Clients may not be experts in marketing and advertising, but they always have an idea of what’s trending. Most well-known companies like Google have animated versions of their logo, and they share it across the globe. Innovation is inevitable, especially in this digital world, and if you use it to your advantage, people will be loyal to your brand. So, get started and create a professional and high-quality video with this template.

Increase brand awareness

According to experts, video content has a greater reception than still images since people easily remember. A significant logo reveals video can connect your brand with potential customers and capture their attention effectively. Plus, with a video lasting up to fifteen seconds, you can gladly share it on social media platforms and reach a wider audience.


Whether in terms of affordability or amazing inbuilt editing tools, creating a video with this template is worth every penny.

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