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Make Fashion Photo Slideshow Video with After Effects template

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The ultimate fashion slideshow builder

Are you searching for the perfect reel to showcase your new fashion line, event, or brand? Get this prebuilt slideshow template to make eye-catching promo ads quickly. This slide contains editable parts for one logo placeholder, 19 text layers, and 22 video clips and images for 42 seconds playback.


Imagine what it would be like to bring your concepts to life exactly how you envisioned them. Nothing is beyond the realms of possibility when you use our online slideshow builder. The kit offers powerful built-in tools, special effects, text animation features, and graphics to customize your slide.


On top of that, it has versatile adjustment controllers to tweak the graphics and apply innovative transitions in a flash. Show off captivating snapshots of your collection to create a buzz on your socials and website. Download your promo video in full HD resolution.


Advantages of using this fashion photography slideshow template?

Use our slide decks to give your channel or content a professional, cohesive look. If you want to distinguish your masterpieces from the competition, this is how you do it. With the creative tools, design elements, and resources you get from us, you can give it your unique touch.


Recap what happened during your fashion event, showcase your best shots from the shoot, or promote your body of work. Our display combines full and half-frame dividers with sleek graphics. It brings the right amount of energy to keep those eyeballs on your slides.


Choose the right colors, fonts, and text effects to modify your logo design. You can style this slideshow to represent your brand quickly. Our streamlined video project cuts your production time significantly because it automates customization and rendering.


Versatile fashion photo slideshow you can use any way you like

Creating video content that looks, feels, and sounds incredible just got easier. This streamlined slide project is suitable for various promotional work because it has an incredibly versatile layout. Let me show you how to make it work for your brand.


Aesthetics should be at the front of mind when presenting your fashion event. Here is a template to show sophistication, professionalism, consistency, and artistry. When your audience and clients watch your slide, there will be no confusion.

Get creative with this modern, elegant fashion slide. It features a modular structure, multiple scenes, and smooth animation. Easily extend the duration of your clip by adjusting its stretch value to slow down or speed up a specific frame.


Tips to make effective fashion video promos

Do you want what you say to resonate with the audience long after they’ve seen your video? Choose simple, punchy images for your next promo. Go for pictures that strongly emphasize your concepts or ideas to enhance the meaning of your message.


Structure your main points and message to make them more visible. All of your slides will show consistency when you use the same theme, colors, and typography for your campaign. Plus, you can easily insert transitions to hint at visual cues between scenes.


Animate reveal text effects to unveil your points slowly, one line at a time. That way, you can limit the amount of text on the screen to improve retention.



This slide is perfect to illustrate your garment design process or give snapshots of the style and details. Are you a budding fashion designer, student, or boutique startup looking to increase exposure and build a loyal following?


If you want an inexpensive yet effective medium to promote your fashion, slideshows are ideal. Let’s recap what you stand to gain by using our prebuilt fashion slides. It uses simple drag-and-drop functionality to move elements into each placeholder and save you precious time.


Our premium fashion slideshow pack is affordable, easy to customize, and feature-rich. Ready to take your fashion business to new heights? Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to unlock more features.

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