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Create a Book Advertisement Video based on After Effects Template

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Do you want to learn how to promote your book?

Books frequently generate more sales if readers can associate them with the author. Author promotion in book marketing is one of the primary services alongside branding. Have you recently published a book?

Do you have a book that needs some promotion? Create a marketing video to show your book and review quotes. The duration is 60 seconds, and it has space for displaying a front and back cover, six pages, and 18 text lines.

The background music is included, and you can make a free preview video. If you like the video, you can pay a small fee before downloading it. 

As a video production company, we are dedicated to ensuring that your book is at the forefront of your competitors. How do we do this? Our online video production platform lets you create a distinctive advert video to increase your visibility as an author.


Why is book marketing an effective publicity technique?

Before promoting your book, it's vital to have a marketing strategy. The initial step is to identify your audience and a few media outlets. Our video template allows you to create a promo video to pitch to people, appeal to your audience, and increase awareness about your book.

How do you establish yourself as a leader within your industry? How do you convince people that your book is worth reading? That's a tricky question, but we have a solution for you. Whether you're a new or experienced author, having a catchy promotional video is key to building strong and trusted relationships.

A persuasive video can significantly influence how you gain greater visibility and success. Our template allows you to display your book's front cover; that's one of the most significant aspects of marketing a book. The body, as the heading of the book, creates the first impression on its potential readers.

Why do authors need a book advertisement video?

Designing a perfect page requires a lot of creativity. The subject of your story might be the best one, but if the overview isn't appealing to the viewers, you may fail to make those sales. When displayed online, it should be exciting and deliver the message of your content.

Statistically, at least a million books were published in 2019. That's a lot of competition, especially for new authors. The question is, how can you set yourself aside from thousands of authors? Most readers choose books that are being talked about everywhere.

Do you want to be among the authors that people read your book? It's important to note that marketing and advertising are essential. An exceptional video will help you reach your target audience.

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to pay a video editor to do the job. You can create your promo video in the comfort of your home in minutes.

Why choose our template to create a book advertisement video?


Here at makewebvideo.com, we've assisted traditional and self-published authors in gaining media publicity, increasing book sales, and improving their reputation. Our online video production company ensures our templates are designed in a user-friendly experience to help you create amazing marketing videos.

Do you have those catchy pages you want to include in your advert video? Those chapters that you wouldn't want anyone to miss reading. You want to give them a taste of the book. With this particular video template, you can add appealing pages to make it more exciting.

Over the past few years, book publicity has dramatically changed. Print advert is becoming less while digital publicity is now a necessity.

The online platform offers many opportunities where you can increase your brand awareness. You can share your promotional video on various social media networks to reach a bigger audience.




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