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Make Product Promo Video Online with After Effects template

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How to make video marketing online a success?


Brands are spending massive marketing budgets on video ads these days because it works. After all, this is the most effective means to promote brand new products, events, and services. Product promotion is one of the pillars that drive growth and sales in any business.


How to start a conversation with your target audience? Product promo videos can help your business present your merchandise in a visually appealing manner. Do you want to learn how to put together an effective product ad?


Get this customizable video template to take your product marketing campaign to new heights. This professionally formatted ad design features a creative layout to display anything you want. The pack includes pre-installed graphics, special effects, animation, typography options, and extras.


Best product promo video maker - powerful features for speedy editing


Our web-based editor has intuitive controls and easy-to-use features. The dashboard extends powerful cloud editing tools and an automated rendering engine to speed things up. Now you can cut, trim, crop, and merge your graphic assets with surgical precision like a true professional.


Accessible online, anytime. After you watch this clip, click the Edit button to open the After Effects project folder. Upload compelling taglines (14), your custom logo, video clips, or images, and turn up the vibes with memorable music.


Include complex transitions, After Effects composite elements, catchy CTAs, and personalized branding effortlessly. Storytelling is now easier than ever with beautiful motion graphics and eye-catching animation to bring your ideas to life.


Make high-quality product ads just like the pros do!


Put your imagination to the test and create elegant promotional videos to advertise your new products. Narrate your brand story with motion graphics, text, and sound to set the mood. Need help finding graphical content and music for your campaign?


We have custom-made copyright-free stocks that add the right amount of flair. Tailor our eye-catching templates however you like. Discover infinite customization options to make your ad design pop. Choose layouts, fonts, and colors to give your product promo a consistent brand theme.


Let me explain why businesses pour money into advertising products like this. The main reason to use promotional advertisements is to boost sales, increase brand awareness and make announcements, for example, product launch updates. These generally focus on marketing activities like sponsorships or sales.


Online marketing video maker - why use product promo ads to drive sales?


Ideally, product promo advertisements should be under two minutes. Working with a predefined project like this 32 seconds promo clip gives you a lot of flexibility. You can easily use the adjustment controls to increase or decrease the stretch value to the desired speed.


Whether you’re introducing a newly developed product or feature, it’s imperative to provide valuable details to help decision-makers. Introductions focused on product promotion encourage brand loyalty and trust. Want visitors to dwell on your website or channel longer?


It’ll encourage your potential customers to reach out to you for help and make inquiries. Furthermore, it helps your ideal consumer understand how your new product, service, or solution works. That way, they can weigh the benefits and make an educated purchase decision on the spot.




Let’s recap how this layout can help your business grow, capture more eyeballs, build credibility, brand authority, and improve search engine ranking. Helpful videos make your brand memorable. Now you have the best ad builder to simplify your product promo creation.


Organize, manage and customize your workflow efficiently to speed up delivery. Scale production quickly and increase output with our lightning-speed rendering solution. Save time, reduce your budget, and improve your results.


Since production cost is lower, you can transfer savings to your clients and still yield substantial profits. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for our newest templates, downloads, premium features, and massive savings.

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