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Learn how to produce an eBook promotion video with this template

Have you ever seen a book trailer for a novel? They're short video clips that let potential readers know about the book and why they should buy it. If you're planning to promote your eBook in any way and do not have the budget for an elaborate website with images, blog posts, and other content, making a video could be just what you need.

Your video doesn't have to be fancy to be effective; something as simple as reading out a few paragraphs from your book is enough to create a promo video that will drive people to download it. You might think making such videos isn't worth your time or effort. However, if you're serious about selling books and getting more exposure as an author, creating one shouldn't feel like an ordeal.

Now that I have your attention let me show you how to create an exceptional eBook promo video with this template. Begin by selecting the above video template, then insert up to eight video clips, thirty-six text lines, and a logo image. During the video-making process, kindly ensure your promo video doesn't exceed fifty-four seconds; the shorter the video, the better the engagement.

Why an eBook promotion video is essential for your brand

So, you've just completed writing your book; of course, it took a lot of research, sleepless nights, and hard work; however, that's not the end. Marketing your book is another task that can't be ignored; remember, you want to ensure that your target audience sees your book. In this digital age, there are many ways to promote your book, but the most effective way is through videos. Why? Because they're engaging and can quickly grab peoples' attention.

While so many authors use the traditional ways to market their books which are expensive and have low returns, you can choose to take a different route; the digital form. It might seem like an unusual medium to market yourself as an author, but videos have become increasingly popular in recent years. And that's why we've made it easier for you with the above template. And guess what? You don't need any video editing experience.

Gone are days when people would spend thousands of dollars on a video editor; with this template, you can create your promo video in minutes. All you need is to replace the existing content with your own and watch as the magic happens. We also allow you to use the inbuilt editing tools to customize your video to your liking.


The best way to promote your books is to have an eye-catching eBook promotion video. An eBook promo video will help you reach people more efficiently while making them learn more about your books! An eBook promo video is an excellent way to get your book noticed online.

Please note that a promo video is your best bet for promoting your eBooks. Because they provide visibility and help potential readers discover your message. Remember, when you create a promotional video for your book, you're telling the world you have something to share that they will find valuable and enjoyable. You are putting the world on notice that you have an eBook that's worth reading and worth paying for.

Thankfully, this template guarantees a high-quality video to help you achieve your objective. So, don't delay! Start creating your promo video now.

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