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Make Book Opening Video Online with After Effects template

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How to Make a Book Promo Video?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a video is worth! This video template lets you level up your book opening from an "okay" launch to a phenomenal launch. Utilizing this template allows you to get in front of so many more eyes than any other marketing strategy.

This twenty-five (25) seconds video template will enable you to connect and engage with your audience better than any other advertising medium would. Its versatility also allows you to utilize it for book launch videos and e-book promo videos. The benefits of using this template are never-ending as it doesn't require its users to have video editing knowledge as its features are very user-friendly.

Editing a Book Opening Video Template

To begin constructing your video template, insert up to six (6) magnetic video clips of your choice, sixteen (16) text lines maximum, and your logo image. As mentioned above, the video is twenty (25) seconds long, which is an ideal time frame for a book opening due to the audience's short attention span. It's best to keep it short, concise, and spicy- getting straight to the point!

It not only minimizes the workload compared to editing a video from scratch, but you can gain access at very reasonable prices; less work at budget-friendly prices; what more could you ask for? The template also allows you to manipulate the design features to your liking or sense of creativity- the font feature is used for manipulating the text type. The color feature is for adjusting the color. Other features include the crop, drop, drag tool, and transition effects.

Why should you create a Book Launch Video Template?

We have a variety of royalty-free music available; however, if you are not finding any piece that best suits the mood of your video template, the option is given to have music uploaded from your device.

When consumers do their research before purchasing a product, they want to ensure that the services are from a reputable vendor, one that displays a sense of professionalism and invests in their business. Our video template offers that and more.

Its sleek design guarantees a professional, high-quality look that convinces the viewer that the product they're about to purchase is the best of the best. The quality that we offer also allows your readers to trust you to buy your product as it will give the feel of a top-end production, but in reality, the prices that we offer are budget-friendly.

Why choose our Book Opening Video Template?

With so many video template applications on the web to choose from, you may ask, "Why Make Web Video? Let me tell you why; Make Web Video always thinks of their customers before anything else as they are our priority. Our team has carefully analyzed and designed templates to give off a high-quality, well-executed professional look that anyone can manipulate to their liking without putting a strain on our consumer's pockets.

If you'd like to test if the template is up to your standards, you can always construct the video and select "Play a free preview," where you'll be able to see a preview of the results. If it's up to par, you can have it downloaded and shared on all social media platforms. By this, you should know the advantages of using our template and the simple steps to take to execute your production successfully. Best of Luck!
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