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Create Butterfly Wings Waving Logo Reveal Animation Video

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Being stylish could be the key to your business’s success!


Do you want to make your brand stand out through marketing? Using the same old strategies to market your brand is tedious, mainly if they result in the same results, bad ones for that matter. Turning this around demands that you change how you brand your business; I mean using more effective strategies to get better results.


Adding a touch of style to your logo animation goes a long way in making your brand stand out. Your audience will recognize it quickly, and in turn, you might make more sales. I know what is troubling you; how can you do this at an affordable cost and ensure that the quality is top-notch?


It is straightforward. All you need to do is animate your logo. What I mean by “animate your logo” is adding unique motions to your logo image. This makes it exceptional, more stylish, and, better still, authentic.


Many video production companies create logo animations; the difference is usually in the quality of the intro animations and the price for producing them. However, we stand out; we maintain the quality of our videos at a top-tier level, and our prices are reasonably high; the very more reason to choose us for your logo animation needs.


Create a unique butterfly-waving logo reveal animation!


I know what is troubling you is, what this video template looks like, and the kind of videos you can create. From the sample video above, you can tell that this outro template has eye-catching and exciting designs that are irresistible to your eyes. With it, you will effortlessly grab the attention of your target audience.


It has colorful designs consisting of numerous butterflies having different colors. The differently colored butterflies have an almost perfect color combination that makes the end product fascinating. The butterflies disperse away from each other and display your logo image in style.


If you think that all these take time, you are mistaken. The total video duration on this video ad template is 13 seconds. And the beauty of it all is that it has space for text lines beside your logo image. The text lines are an added advantage; they allow you to communicate extra details such as your brand’s location or website link to your target audience. People will therefore find your brand quickly, both online and physically.


What are the advantages of using logo intro animations?


Producing logo animations for your brand has numerous advantages. To mention a few, you will create more awareness for your brand. Videos communicate more than words, and this makes them superior to text.


People prefer watching videos because they are more captivating. If you use them on your brand, you will attract more people to view them. And the good news, from there, you can arouse their interest in your brand if you have structured your content in a captivating way.   


Animating your logo will also make it easier for people to identify your brand. I bet you already know that logo images are the first things people see while interacting with a brand. Now, if it is hard for people to identify your brand’s logo, maybe due to similarities with the logo images of your competitors, you will have a hard time getting customers.


Creating a logo reveal will save you from this because it will make the difference between the brands noticeable. As much as competing brands may have logo images similar to yours, people will always identify your brand without any problems. And yes, you can attract new customers to your brand and make more sales.


The Takeaway


If you are looking for a template to introduce your brand, business page, or even YouTube channel, this template will satisfy your needs. It has colorful designs that will keep your target audience interested in your content through the entire length of your video. Best of all, it is easy to use this video intro template, and you will create your videos within minutes.


What are you waiting for? Get started now, free of charge, and create top-notch quality video intros that will set you apart from your competitors.

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