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Make Earth Globe-News Intro Video with After Effects template

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Best Practices for Making Lucrative Web Videos with An Editable News Intro Template

News production requires a lot of dedication, commitment, and passion. Are you a budding media artist or freelance journalist looking to make waves in the competitive news broadcasting arena? Your success hinges on you creating the highest quality videos. Do you prioritize organization when making your news intro videos? Perhaps your schedule doesn’t allow you to have the best coordination.

We understand how labor-intensive the whole inner workings of creating feature videos for news broadcasting can be. The demanding job of chasing stories, sorting sound bites, and capturing footage is just the surface. Not to mention the extraordinary effort of compiling all the moving elements to deliver an impactful presentation.

How can you streamline your video development process? Try this news anchor intro template based on After Effects and experience real-time automation. Imagine how things will flow smoother now that you can complete each project in minutes.

What is an editable news intro template?

Think of the template as a framework to enhance visual effects, formatting, and organization. It has well-defined placeholders where you can insert your media. Furthermore, you can customize specific layers by adjusting the alignment, colors, position, and adding text.

The outstanding feature is the unique After Effects enhancements. It is the essence of the showcase that instantly captures the viewers’ attention. And, guess what! You can design studio-quality intro videos in minutes without paying top dollar. It is not just a mockup; you can insert realistic motion graphics that add character to your presentation.

Publishers and independent media creators worldwide are taking a blended approach to video design and development. The population using After Effects technology-engineered templates to make their videos more appealing is massive. What do you think is driving them to turn to this alternative? It’s not just the fancy After Effects, but the whole package.

Advantages of making breaking news intro videos in HD with After Effects

As you may already know, video creation is a costly process. Cost-efficiency can be a roadblock that separates you from failure and triumph. Many seasoned professionals like using custom After Effects to make videos because it cuts costs, enriches design elements, and saves time.

Meet deadlines faster. A typical news station intro developed on the latest After Effects concepts has all feature elements in place. Just insert your logo image and text. That’s it. It optimizes your workflow and increases output.


Low investment. Editable news intro template provides all the attractive benefits that agencies promise but for less. You can buy a single template or choose a monthly plan. The choice is ultimately yours - pay as you go or enjoy premium benefits.


Rich design elements. Creative typography. Detailed graphics. Just add your logo to make this futuristic Earth Globe news intro video made with high-tech After Effects your own.

How to make a headline intro like a corporate news channel?

Foremost, pick your favorite animated news intro from our gallery. Add your media files: logo image (1) and text line (1). Rest assured, your news opener video will be concise yet captivating. It is only 17 seconds long. So, make it count.

Follow these tips to ensure your video leaves a lasting positive impact on viewers.

  • Keep your commentary short and relevant.
  • Be forthright.
  • Use visible text fonts.


Our After Effects-engineered video templates work for beginners and veteran graphics animators alike. It is a lot cheaper than outsourcing your video project to an agency or graphics designer. You can download your adobe After Effects news intro in HD if you go premium. The editor runs in your browser, so you don’t need any expensive software.

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