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Create Tech Logo Intro Video Online with After Effects template

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Easy way to win attention? Holographic logo animation


Is your brand or business in the market for a new logo design? Try this modern intro template. It already has a base composition with After Effects graphics, so you don’t have to start from a blank canvas.


Although this design has a fixed modular structure, it doesn’t limit your creativity at all. You can modify multiple layers of this video project to change the audio, footage, text, and so forth. Do you want to learn how to edit the composition items and add custom branding?


In the meantime, set aside the materials you want to include in your logo opener. It features one (1) logo placeholder and a tagline field for 15 seconds playback. Are you feeling creative? Tell your story with some relevant illustrated images, pre-recorded clips, voice-over recordings, and music.


How to make an intro video with logo animation quickly?


Want to learn how to develop a strong brand identity with this animation? Scroll down, and you’ll see the Edit button under the video. Press it to launch our AI-based editor on your web browser. Now that you have access to all the composition files, you can alter the background elements, colors, and so forth.


Our template comes prebuilt with graphic assets, unique transitions, text effects, filters, and powerful editing tools. Personalizing this copy will be a no-brainer. The dashboard has a super intuitive interface and simple point-and-click features to streamline video creation.


Replace all the presets with original content, add your animated logo, and incorporate visual branding elements to differentiate your business. Choose a sound to elicit meaning in every movement. Finally, preview your vlog or business logo intro and order your downloadable HD copy (Mp4 format, no watermark) if you love the results.


Online video creator - instantly make logo intro After Effects animation for any business!


With our automated video maker, you can brand your intros easily. Our prebuilt logo animation template lets you craft meaningful, well-coordinated movements and expressions to define your brand in a simple context. Plus, it allows you to do clever animation tricks that are otherwise difficult to pull off.


Let me show you how this can streamline your video production workflow. Whether you are new to After Effects templates or have used them before, automation makes everything easier. You don’t have to lift a finger when rendering your video project because our online intro maker does it automatically.


This advanced rendering engine cuts, crops, edits, and merges your files into a seamless whole quicker than any human. If you’re making custom videos for your clients, this tool can be an asset. Not only does it speed up your processes, but your deliverables will be top quality too. On top of that, it lowers production costs so that you can offer competitive prices and still yield high returns.


Can you use this template to make a vlog logo intro?


Absolutely! Vlogging in itself is already time-consuming, so automating post-production with pre-made After Effects templates can do wonders for your creative process. In a nutshell, well-executed promo videos can generate a steady stream of traffic in the long run. Tedious tasks like compositing elements, applying transitions, and similar repetitive actions take time.


That’s why you should consider using this holographic logo opener for your vlogs. With it, you can implement a sustainable automated workflow strategy to scale production and improve your creative development process. Plus, you can now deliver results faster without putting up a substantial investment.


Whether you’re making this vlog intro specifically for YouTube or another streaming platform, your first impression matters. Your first few seconds set the tone for the rest of your video, so you must make them count. How do you ensure viewers get a glimpse of the funny, fascinating moments as well?


All you have to do is purchase our unlimited monthly subscription, and you can keep making impressive promotional videos.

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