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Make Company Promotional Video with After Effects template

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With this video template, you can Make a Company Promotional Video With After Effects Template. Insert up to 9 Videos, 17 text lines, and 1 logo image. The total video duration is 42 seconds.

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Written by Nayomie

Make a memorable impression with our company promotional video template

Do you want to learn how to make a captivating company promotional video? An exceptional video can take your business to the next level and make you attract loyal clients. A professional and high-quality video will get you more customers and ensure that your brand reaches a bigger audience.

With many startup businesses embracing video marketing to promote their products and services, you don’t have any reason to be left behind. We show you how to create a fantastic company promo by inserting up to nine video clips, seventeen text lines, and a logo image with the above template. With a total video duration of forty-two seconds, you can excitingly engage your audience and make them thirst for more.

The best way to grab your audiences’ attention is through videos because it engages their minds and makes them focused. Videos are being proven to perform better than still images; for that reason, if you’re presenting your promo video to a potential customer, it’s a guarantee that it will reach more people. Instead of paying a lot of money for a TV commercial, here’s a chance to make a nice promo video on a budget and share it across social media platforms.

Why should you use this template to make the best company promotional video?

If you must join other successful business owners, you need to use high-quality and professional videos and provide quality services to your clients. With videos gaining popularity over the years, at least eighty percent of businesses use videos for marketing and promotional purposes. Meaning that if you embrace video marketing, there’s a lot that your business stands to gain.

A long time ago, people would spend hundreds and thousands of dollars employing expensive video editors to edit their videos; those days are long gone. With technology at your disposal, the world has become a small village. You can now access several video templates online at an affordable price; for example, we only charge you a small amount to make a video with this template. What’s more incredible is that you don’t need any video editing skills to create a video since it’s user-friendly.

Social media has been proven to be a great marketing and advertising means for any brand, and that’s why businesses are implementing it as part of their marketing strategy to take their businesses to the next level. The most significant thing about this template is that you can use your video to convince shareholders, increase your sales and persuade your clients to buy your products and services. Imagine having the opportunity to triple your income because of social media; who doesn’t want that?


With this video template at your disposal, you can make the best company promotional video by using the available inbuilt editing tools to enhance your creativity during the video creation process. If you intend to make your production more enjoyable, consider adding background music by selecting a royalty-free song from the ones available in the music library. By the way, you’re not limited to how you can create your video; if you want to customize it, nothing stands in your way.

Having been in the video production industry for over eight years, we understand how videos can significantly impact your startup business. With that said, we commend that you use this video template to create your promo video and see how it will attract so many customers who will want to associate with your brand.




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