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Make 3d Business Slideshow Video with After Effects template

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Make a stunning video with our business slideshow maker

According to statistics, the popularity of video marketing is growing massively; it seems like everyone is now using videos to market and promote their business. It’s not a secret that the human eye is trained to focus on motion rather than still visuals; that’s why videos perform better. Consider using the above template if you own a startup business and want to show your products and services in a lovely slideshow video.

You can create a 3D slideshow with the above video template by inserting eleven video clips, twelve text lines, and a logo image. With a total video duration of one minute and eleven seconds, that’s enough time to explain to your viewers more about your business. But how can I create a captivating slideshow without going bankrupt? It’s a question that many people ask; luckily, with this template, you can create your video on a budget.

Are you wondering how you can make a professional video with zero video editing skills? Well, this template gives you a user-friendly experience, and you don’t need any video editing expertise to create a masterpiece. In less than thirty minutes, you can automatically create a high-quality video that’s modern and professional in just a few clicks.

Where can I use my business slideshow video?


Do you own a YouTube channel? Do you upload videos consistently? If the answer is yes, then an excellent slideshow video will make your channel and videos stand out from your competition. A captivating slideshow video will identify your brand and leave viewers with a lasting impression.

Video ads

Have you ever noticed a pop-up video when watching different YouTube videos? That’s YouTube’s self-promotion. You can also create a video ad with your slideshow and set it to pop up after every few seconds. The ad is effective, and because it’s short and precise, it’s a great way of marketing and advertising your brand.

Social media platforms

Almost all social media networks are sponsoring video content today, and the charges are incredibly affordable. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Instagram, posting your short business video in the newsfeed will showcase your brand to millions of social media enthusiasts.

Products and services

Are you planning to launch a product or service soon? Maybe you’re planning to edit a video about your product. You can use a nice business slideshow video to showcase your products and services to customers. Your video will not only look professional but also appeal to the eye.

The benefit of using our 3D slideshow maker for pc

Raises brand awareness

With a slideshow video, you can create a solid and memorable image for your brand. A good business video will build a strong connection with your audience and prospective customers in minutes.

It’s an investment worth every penny.

Creating your video using this template is a one-off investment that pays off. Think through investing in a professional video that will serve you for a long time.

A professional look

Having a 3D business video will add a sense of professionalism and consistency to your online presence. With this template, you can add flavor to your video and make it look professional.

Supports your brand story

Through a great combination of image, motion, and sound, audiences can easily and passionately connect with your brand since it effectively communicates the nature of your business more than a static image.


The above template is easy to use. All you have to do is log in to your account on our website, select the template, and follow the customization steps. If you want to add background music to your video, consider choosing a royalty-free song from the ones available in the music library.



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