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Make Animated Logo Intro Video with Best After Effects template

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Branding promo videos made simple with our animated logo intro creator!


Give your brand a visual identity society won’t ever second guess. This dynamic video template with matrix cube particle graphics can help you mastermind the best logo reveal in minutes. After all, it’s the digital age, so it’s necessary to do things quicker, better, and more efficiently.


With this up-to-the-minute template, you can dream up an original, creative logo design without thinking too hard. Plus, our speedy online logo video maker does a brilliant job merging scenes and rendering footage for a neat final product. Have you ever found yourself struggling to rework your brand image?


It’s super easy to customize and personalize this pre-animated template. Tap the button above to open the folder: drop in one brand or company (1) logo image, your slogan (choose a catchy one), and link your website URL. You can also throw in a few related photos, pre-recorded clips, and even music to spice up your presentation.


Modernize your design with this 3D cube logo animation


Show everybody your brand is moving with the times. This digital background logo template will add an extra dimension to enhance lighting and give your design more clarity. Rest assured, your audience will be able to interpret every emotion and action correctly.


Streamline your creative design process with new-age post-production techniques like moving typography elements, text expressions, transition effects, and more. No training or complicated software is involved; drop in your material, and our high-tech online video creator will take care of everything. One solution for all your video branding needs, pay once a month and get the best logo animation app services.


Get on-demand cloud storage to stash all your projects (in-progress and completed) and retrieve them anytime. Sign up for our premium subscription and download all of your best animation logos in full HD (no watermark). Make a sample video now to see how this works. You only pay when you order a watermark-free HD version.

Best animated logos: not just about the move


Conversely, moving graphics is an art form, so every move should be symbolic of something. Well-executed logo animation plays on our emotions and makes us feel understood. Coordinating the movement to tell a meaningful brand story is effortless when you have a well-structured template like ours.


For this specific logo sting, you can get a promo video with a duration of 15 seconds. The length of a logo sting varies depending on your desired goals and the materials you are using. Let me explain why adding an animated to your digital marketing arsenal is necessary.


What purpose does an animated logotype serve, and why should businesses adopt them? It wears multiple hats - from delighting lookers to making your branding videos look polished and professional to evoking emotions and sharing your incredible stories. Businesses need them to spark curiosity, communicate, establish a unique visual identity, and engage prospects.


Ready to learn how to create animated logos for your business?


With the best logo animation maker at your fingertips, you have nothing to fear. It will be a game-changer for your small business because this runs on the cloud and automation technology. Navigation is pretty fluid too.


Unlike traditional editors that can be intimidating to learn, customizing and personalizing video projects on this app is hands-on. Plus, our templates give you hints on how to edit the layers. The maximum production time is about 30 minutes, sometimes less, depending on the workload.


Explore our vast media library to source stock illustrations, images, icons, and more. Get VIP access to sample our newest templates before everyone else. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and save money on multiple downloads.

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