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Make Professional Animated Logo Intro Video with AE template

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Learn how to create an animated logo with an AE template

Do you want to learn how to animate a logo with after effects template? You can create a memorable impression with your customers and target audience with an animated logo video. With this video template, you can bring your brand to life in just a few clicks.

Creating an animated logo design using this template is easy even for someone with zero video editing experience. Just insert one text line and a logo image. Of course, it will take you a few minutes to customize the video to your liking, but it’s nothing hectic.

People tend to focus on short and precise videos. For that reason, our video editing experts uniquely designed the template to ensure your video is brief and straight to the point. With this template, the total video duration is 10 seconds.

Use this animated intro maker to make a great first impression

We all recognize how influential a first impression is, especially when it comes to video marketing. As a business owner, it’s essential to ensure that your logo reveals a unique and attractive video. Otherwise, how will you convince people that your brand is among the best in the market?

The above template has different features ranging from design, color palette, and graphics. All these help you convey important information about your business professionally. Every stage in the design process offers you several choices that enable you to experiment with various backgrounds, layouts, and outline shapes.

Your brand is exceptional, and so should your logo reveal video be. Make sure to create something that everyone will find exciting to watch and leave a lasting impression.

How to make your logo animation video captivating

If you search through the web, you’ll find many video templates but what makes ours unique is that you can easily customize your video. You can add flavor to your project to make it match your brand’s personality. When customizing your video, you need to consider your target audience and logo’s style and research some of the social media sites you intend to post your video.

In short, ensure the video will entice your viewers; if your brand is corporate, then you may want to give your video a formal vibe. Ensure that the message you’re communicating is simple and the video is short and precise. Please avoid over decorating your video; some viewers may find it unprofessional.

Music is known as a mood booster; imagine what it would be like watching a video with no background music? Chances are, you won’t even get to the end of the video, but a video with background music is lively and exciting to watch. You can select a music track from the ones provided in the template and add it to your video.


With our animated logo maker online, you can create a video brand identity for any business. You can use your animated logo on your social media channels, website, and on your branded email header to impress your viewers, boost engagement and sales. Many people ask, is it expensive to create a video using this template?

Honestly, our prices are pretty affordable, and you only pay once you’ve played a free preview and you’re happy with the result. The payment option comes before you download and save your video. An amazing thing about this template is that you can download your video in many sizes and formats. So come to think of it, your log intro video is an investment worth every penny.

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