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Create Romantic Ink Petal Love Photo Display Video with Music

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Make your partner feel special with a romantic photo display video

Romance is in the air, and if you’re dating someone special, it’s best to let them know how much they mean to you. If you’ve been dating someone for some time, now is the best time to take things to the next level with a love photo display video that shows just how much you care about each other. With this template, you can create a captivating video to express your love to your partner.

Your video will leave them speechless, but it will also set the stage for more romance in your relationship. Start by creating an adorable video with this template by inserting at least fifteen video clips, thirty-three text lines, and a logo image. Please ensure that the total video duration doesn’t exceed one minute and twenty-four seconds. An elaborate video is something that your partner will never forget, so read on to find out some helpful tips on creating one from start to finish.

Whether you’re married or in a relationship, this template gives you a chance to reflect on your romantic life and create new memories. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: you don’t have any video editing experience; how can you generate a high-quality video that will surprise your partner? This template is user-friendly, and you can create your video in less than thirty minutes.

Let’s dig deeper: suppose you wish to personalize your video; we have a customizable option. To help you with your creativity, we have a range of exciting inbuilt editing tools ranging from the color and font features to transitions and effects. These tools are at your disposal to help you generate a top-notch production.

How to create a romantic ink petal photo video with this template?

The process of creating a video with this template is relatively straightforward. The first step is to log in to your account on our website and select the template displayed above; you can sign up for free if you don’t have an account with us. Once you select the template, it will prompt you to add your video clips; however, you must ensure they don’t exceed fifteen clips. Add short video clips if you want to make the video editing process easy.

Once you’ve uploaded all your desired video clips in the template, it’s time to add in your text; remember, you have to add up to thirty-three text lines; however, if you add less, it’s still okay. To spice up your video, you can add romantic words to express to your partner how you feel in each clip. The font feature can give your video a romantic feel by changing the text style or size. Additionally, the color feature can come in handy to help you make color corrections.

Have you ever noticed that you can easily watch a video with some background music from start to finish? People prefer watching videos that have music to those that don’t. Why? Because videos with no music appear dull. If you want to make your video enjoyable to watch, this template gives you access to a library of copyright-free songs that you can use.


So, what do you stand to gain when using this video maker? We guarantee a high-quality video that you can create at your convenience. Our prices are affordable, and you can create a professional video on a budget. Lastly, you can download your video in different sizes and formats to share on several social media networks.

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