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Make a Text Video Presentation With Liquid Ink Effects

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Create beautiful text video presentations with Liquid Ink Effects!


Are you a content creator, movie maker, or film production company owner looking for a unique way to market your brand or products like movies and films? Then you are in the right place. We have a new video ad template with special ink effects to help you create exceptional quality video presentations.


With this template, you can easily create videos without special editing skills. You will also take less time, considering our online video editor has a user-friendly interface that is easy for you to navigate. And about the design? Thanks to the DIY design model of this video ad template, you are at liberty to edit your videos as you like.


You are probably curious about the duration of the videos you will create with this template. The good news is; that you have up to 40 seconds to talk about your brand or movie. If you think this is less time, you are mistaken. It is perfect because you will pass your intended message to your audience without getting your audience bored. And as you know, getting your audience hooked is the secret to brand success. And using this template to create stylish promotional videos is a direct ticket to success. 


How to create a text video with ink effects?


With our video editor, you can effortlessly create videos with liquid ink effects. To get started, click the button above. You will access the editing plane, where you can input your video content and customize it to your liking with the various editing tools.


Our template's graphics editing interface will let you go through all the changeable elements of the template, so you can write your text and upload your logo at the end. You can insert up to 22 text lines and add one logo image. Constantly use the image preview option on our tool to ascertain the accuracy of your data.


If you are confident that your video is accurate and flawless, add a music track to make it more captivating. And yes, just like that, you will be done. The beauty of it all is that this takes only a few minutes. Pay a small fee and download your video in Full HD. And the good news? You can download it in various sizes and formats to accommodate the multiple sites on which you may decide to use your videos.


Why choose our text video maker?


With a focus on simplicity, we made a minimalistic video editing tool that only allows you to change what already exists in the template. Therefore, you cannot create a video from scratch and add or cut slides. But you can download the rendered video and use another editing software to cut it.


You should know that creating a low-quality video with a watermark is free, so go ahead and try. You can even download the video afterward but cannot use it commercially. For that purpose, you have to purchase the high-resolution version without a watermark. The good news is that your payment is a one-time fee and is very affordable. You can use PayPal, American Express, Visa, or even MasterCard to facilitate your payment.


The Takeaway


This template could be the secret to your brand's success. It has colorful designs that will make your brand stand out, making it easier for people to identify. This being the case, you can quickly grow your customer base.


My advice; do not take any more chances. Make the bold step now and get started with the video creation process. Trust me; you will create the best videos without having any video editing skills or experience.

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