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Make Amazing Logo Reveal Video with Online Movie Maker

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Make a video with our logo reveal intro maker

Statistically, the popularity of logo animation videos is growing immensely. These days, everybody uses logo animation videos on their websites, TV, and formal videos, marketing their company and creatively promoting their company, product, or service. According to a study, humans focus on things in motion faster than still images.

Is it possible to animate my logo without spending lots of cash? It’s a question that people frequently ask. It’s simple.

With this template, you can make your logo reveal video by inserting one logo image and a text line. Our user-friendly template will instantly generate a fantastic logo intro video that will give your brand a modern and professional look so long as you follow the simple steps. With a total video duration of eight seconds, you can instantly grab your viewers’ attention.

How to use our intro maker logo reveal template?

The process of making your logo introduction video is straightforward. The initial step is to insert your logo into the template and begin editing your video; all you need is make sure that your company logo is readable.

The greatest thing about our logo intro maker is that you can customize your video using the inbuilt editing tools like the font and color feature. You can also make your video more interesting by exciting by adding a track from the music library. Alternatively, you can select a song from your device.

The final step is to select the preview button and let the template generate your final production before you finally complete the payment if you like the outcome of your video. We usually request our customers you pay a small amount before downloading and saving the video, and guess what? You can post it on several social networks.

What you stand to gain from this template

Increase in brand visibility

A professional logo intro video will let you make a firm and unforgettable image for your business. With a professional video, you can bring your logo to life, build a strong bond with your viewers and prospective clients in seconds.

Modern look

When you have a video that stands out, you build a sense of consistency and expertise in your online community. An exceptional video connects with the audience emotionally through the fascinating combination of pictures, motion, and sound. Animation displays the type of your business more effectively than a still image.


Most people have the assumption that video production is costly; that only happens when you hire a professional video editor to do the task for you. But did you know that you can do it yourself with this template and end using less money?

Where can I use my video?

Intro and outro

Logo animation videos leave a remarkable impression. Consider using them to advertise or identify your brand. Add it to your marketing videos; you can use it at the beginning of the end.

Marketing a product or service

A product video with a logo reveal video tends to look more appealing than an ordinary video. It’s easy for your company name or brand to cross the viewer’s mind.

Video Adverts

Have you ever seen a YouTube logo animation that occasionally displays between YouTube videos? That’s usually referred to as self-promotion. You can do something parallel with your logo reveal video. It’s an operational way to build a connection with your audience.

Social media

Most corporates are now promoting video media on social media networks since the process for ads is very affordable. Even if it’s Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, posting a short video in the newsfeed will display your brand to millions of social media users.

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