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Create Animated Whiteboard Video For Promoting Your Company

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Create an animated whiteboard video for promoting your company and the services it offers. On this whiteboard explainer video template, you can insert up to 58 text lines, 6 video footage. You also have the option to choose among several clip art images and insert 2 logo designs.

How to create an animated whiteboard video for advertising your company? You know, it used to be very difficult and expensive to accomplish that. With the advancement of online video editors that use templates to create videos, it became much easier to create such videos.

Online whiteboard video animator

With our online whiteboard video maker, you can create your perfect explainer video. Within just a few minutes, you will have the perfect explainer video for your company or product.

Give it a go now. It is free to try! If you like the video, create a FULL HD version in no time and for way less of the cost of producing a professional video by a video studio.

Our template-based video editor is among the simplest ones. It is not as flexible as other video editing tools, but the templates are more advanced in exchange, and you have to spend less time creating your video. The design and structure of the video are already done.

You can't go wrong with this template. Try now, free of charge, to produce a professional animated whiteboard sales video for your business.
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