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Create Whiteboard Business Explainer Promo With our Video Editor

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This template is designed in a whiteboard animation style and recorded video footage of people for advertising a product or service of any business or a company.

Some inserted videos or images and text make this animated video very descriptive and suited for many proposes. It can be used as a promo advertising video for YouTube or Facebook channels or as a tutorial video on your website. Either way, you will be delighted with the outcome of it.

What is a promo whiteboard explainer video?

It's a video created with whiteboard-style animation and used to promote any type of business or product. However, in our template, instead of drawn characters by hand, as it usually is done in any whiteboard style video, there is footage of video recorded artists that played in the background and animated together with a whiteboard text and images inserted in this template.

Whiteboard animation is clean and easy to understand video advertising and, in most cases, is used to promote a business or services uniquely and most understandably for any viewer or potential customer.

Because it's a clean presentation, Whiteboard animation is often used in tutorial videos as well. It's effortless to describe something with animated drawings on a white background, so the person who is watching the videos totally understands what it is about.


3 easy steps to use our video editor

1: Choose a template from our library in a style that you like the most and suited for your advertising video. We have designed many different style templates and uploaded them so you are able to edit and create videos from them.

Promo whiteboard animation style is one of them and ready to be used by you or anyone else to produce professional high-quality video advertising.

2: Edit the template. Inside of which, you will need to insert your text, images, or video footage, logo file, and adjust all colors to match your required design.

After it's all done, you'll need to pick the music from our free library or upload your own, so it's playing in the whole video's background.

3: After producing a sample low-quality video, you'll need to check for errors and make sure all the right material is inserted everywhere you need.

As soon as it's all done and you are pleased with the sample video's outcome, you can produce an HD quality video to use anywhere you desire. We have a very competitive price scheme for anyone to get top quality videos in any country at affordable prices.

Also, we have an unlimited monthly subscription for people interested in making many videos for their own needs or want to become a reseller and make money without any expertise in video editing.

Go ahead, click the button above and become a unique masterpiece producer for your promotional whiteboard animated video.

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