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Create an Animated Explainer Video for Marketing with our Video Editor

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If you need to advertise your business with video, look no further. With this professional animated explainer video, we've got you covered. Over 2 minutes of catchy cartoon animations and flawless video design will grab the attention of potential customers. Just perfect for the next marketing campaign of your business.

How to create an animated explainer video for marketing?

Our online video editor will enable you to edit the template fast, and when you are done with that, our video maker will produce a video with music in minutes. And you can also upload an audio file with voice-over.

You can insert up to 76 lines of text, 5 video clips or photos, and two logo images. And we have already inserted an excellent script and footage to get you started, and you can easily replace the footage with clips from our free video library.

With our video editing tool, it's easy and fasts to create an animated video for business. Promotional videos for business can be pretty expensive. Still, we work very hard to offer affordable videos with a quality similar to what you would get from traditional video production companies.

You'll save hundreds of dollars if you choose to get an animated advertisement video created with our video editor. We aim to be the preferred online video production company for producing small business videos, corporate videos, and promo videos for entrepreneurs. Our templates' high-quality and user-friendly marketing video editing tool separates us from the competition.

Nowadays, there are many advertisement video maker websites. Still, we are the first to offer the possibility to create video ads based on Adobe After Effects templates, and we are proud of that. We are not the ones with the most flexible design options when it comes to editing the templates, but our templates are simply the best, and you can adjust the speed of the video.

It is free to try all our templates and create an animated video for your business. This template is long, but we also have shorter intro videos for branding if you prefer. If you don't find a template you like, send us an email, and we'll try to find one that fits your business.

Suppose you like this template but want to use only a tiny part. No problem. Just edit as much as you need and produce your video. Then download it and use another video editing software to cut the video. Because of our templates' high complexity, adding or removing slides from within our video editor is impossible.
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