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Make Wedding Photo Album Video with After Effects template

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Here’s why you need to have a wedding photo album for your special day

Each day comes with special moments, and while there are memories that we may want to hold on to for years, there are those that we wish to preserve for the rest of our lives. One of such magical moments comes on our wedding day. Imagine what it would be like to be able to look at your best moments every time with just a click of a play button?

That’s possible, thanks to our wedding photo album maker. Slideshows are not just a perfect way to preserve and relive our best memories but also an exciting way to spice up events, and that’s why they’ve become trendy, especially during wedding ceremonies. Before you begin to create your video, we recommend you have a few ideas in mind.

Although an average user spends around ten minutes trying to create a masterpiece, having your idea ahead of time can make things faster when you start the video creation process. For example, you can create a wedding photo album with the above video template by inserting up to seventeen video clips, forty-one text lines, and a logo image. With a total video duration of one minute and twenty-eight seconds, that’s enough time to create a captivating video.

How to make the perfect romantic and charming scenery wedding picture frames

Let’s assume you already have your idea in place; you can now create your wedding picture frame. Here are some of the crucial things that you need to know when making your video.

What type of music should you use?

A wedding isn’t like every other event; therefore, when making your video, you need to add components that fit the background; one of the key elements to pay attention to is the music. Even if you like a specific song, it may not be the best match for your video since you must consider its lyrics and rhythm. For example, you can’t use a birthday song to make a wedding slideshow.

There are several songs that you can use on your wedding slideshow. For instance, we’ve made the video creation process more manageable with the above video template by providing you with a music library of copyright-free songs that you can add to your masterpiece.

How long should your video last?

Generally, wedding photo albums should be short and precise, especially when presenting the video to an audience. Doing so will ensure that your viewers won’t get bored or distracted. If you create a long video, there’s a high possibility that your viewers won’t watch from start to finish. Always ensure that the video clips you choose to work with are short to keep the momentum of the slideshow going.

Choose a theme

Not all wedding videos are the same because each couple is different. However, that doesn’t mean you need to select random photos, put them together and call it a day. Having a theme can make a huge difference.

The most practical thing is to find a specific theme that will fully capture your beautiful love story.


Finding a professional and high-quality wedding video template online isn’t a walk in the park. However, this template gives you all the reasons why you should invest in it. Apart from having unique inbuilt editing tools such as the font and color features, it’s also very affordable.

Since everyone has their style, the template allows you to customize your video as per your liking easily.




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