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Make a Video Slideshow With Distorted Graphics

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Embrace the use of distorted graphics in your video promos!


In the design world, glitches have an immense effect on a video and its reception by the target audience. Besides making your content stand out, the best thing about glitches is that they grab your target audience's attention quickly, keeping them hooked and more interested in your brand.


Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out in the market? Do you want to have the edge over your competitors without spending vast amounts? Or are you tired of using marketing strategies that do not attract more people to your brand and want to change this for the better? Then it would be best if you considered adding a glitch effect to your videos.


If you are wondering what glitches are, they are errors that appear and correct themselves almost immediately. Their primary purpose is to get people's attention. Simply put, glitches help keep people hooked on your content.


Create beautiful video slideshows based on this video ad template!


Now, suppose this idea has made you interested. You are probably curious about how you can add a glitch effect to your video promos. But do not worry about this. We have got you covered. As you can see from the sample video displayed above, this template will help you create beautiful and colorful promotional videos for your business or event.


Now, with this template, you have up to 49 seconds to grab and maintain the attention of your audience and, at the same time, pass your intended message to them effectively. Now, do not think that a video with distortion and glitch effects is all you need to make your brand successful. You must also ensure that your video content is exciting and captivating so your audience doesn't get bored. Trust me, if you gain the interest of your viewers, they will be more curious about your brand, and with the curiosity, you can easily make them your customers.


Interestingly, this template has been designed with room for eight images or video clips and even 15 text lines to help you capture more details about your brand. It is therefore perfect for product promotion since you have the opportunity to give brief descriptions of the various products you stock and even the services you offer. Now, if you are curious about the video creation process, let's dive right into it.


How can you create video slideshows with distorted graphics?


To start, click the button 'Press here to create a video'. You will access the editing window, where you can input your video content into the display. Use the image preview option to ascertain your input data. There are numerous formatting tools in the editing window, and you should use them to customize your video to your liking.


Once your intended message is as desired, it's time to make your video spicier and more captivating. This you do by adding music to it. You can use the stock music tracks on our slideshow maker or upload your favorite song from your device. We, however, recommend that you use the stock music on our video editor to ensure that your video does not get copyright strikes.


If you are happy with your video content and music selection; and are confident that it is flawless, go ahead and produce it in Full HD. Pay the one-time fee on the template headline, and your video will be ready within minutes. You can then download it to your device in various sizes and formats, ready for use wherever you want.




In a nutshell, creating videos with distorted graphics could be the secret to your business's success. It is a simple touch of style that makes all the difference. My advice; you should do all it takes to elevate your brand, and if it means using distorted graphics, so be it.


What are you waiting for? Click the button above and create fantastic video slideshows to promote your brand uniquely and stylishly at an affordable cost.

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